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3 student protesters assaulted by Campus Security during peaceful protest

During a peaceful protest against the impending war in Iraq, 3 students were assaulted by a campus security officer.
On March 5, while participating in a student walkout in conjunction with the "National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq" at the University of Portland, three students were assaulted by a member of UP's campus security. We had gathered in the University quad and were banging upon a number of improvised drums, including a commandeered trashcan. The officer in question approached us, and demanded that we stop our drumming. When we refused he attempted to wrestle what he perceived to be a drumstick out of the hands of a student, and in the process threw her to the ground. When a second student peacefully approached him to explain the purpose of our protest, he too was pushed off a step and onto the ground. A third student was elbowed in the chest, while attempting to recycle a sign, which this officer had stripped from the side of Franz Hall and thrown into the garbage. We have registered a complaint with the University as well as the Portland Police. A brief synopsis of the incident ran on C-6 of the March 6 Oregonain, and the officer has since been suspended.
Suspended Campus Cop 06.Mar.2003 13:58

Chief Wiggum

The suspended campus cop will likely be able to get a job with the Portland Police Bureau.

They are always looking for people with shitty training and fuzzy ideas about free speech and other former provisions of the US and Oregon Constitution.

Anybody get a picture of this dipshit for the site?

Isn't this a Catholic University? 06.Mar.2003 17:58


Wait a minute--isn't the University of Portland a Catholic school? The pope has come out publically against the war on Iraq. Maybe the policeman didn't realize this. I am saying this somewhat sarcastically as I heard from someone else who attempted to flyer at the university that she was turned away and not even allowed to hand out flyers indoors when it was cold and raining outside. I think the pope needs to have a talk with the university officials.

Genocide 07.Mar.2003 12:21


This sounds like genocide to me.

Alledged U of P Assault by Campus Security 08.Mar.2003 19:33

Pete raideryn@yahoo.com

After reading the article about the alledged assault on U of P students by campus security during an anti-war protest, I just wanted to say the students probably got what they deserved.

I've seen many situations similar to this one and every time the students, for some reason, maybe because they're "protesting," think they're above the law. Just because a student is protesting, doesn't mean they can do whatever they want to do. When security asked the person to stop what they were doing, I'm sure he/she had good reason for making the request, and the student ignored that request. Therefore, the security officer was forced to take the next step which happened to be violence as a result of the students non-compliance with the officer's legitimate request. Most protesting students need to "get of their high horse" and start respecting the law.

baaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 13.Mar.2003 03:08


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