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Iraq Blows Up About 2,500 Oil Fields

Yet unconfirmed report of explosions in Iraq. Kirkuk is within the U.S.-imposed "no-fly zone," which begs the question: What country really dropped bombs on the oilfields?
TEHRAN, March 6, 2003. /from RIA Novosti correspondent Nikolai Terekhov/. - Iraq has dropped bombs hitting 2,500 oil fields that cover a vast area.

According to the IRNA agency, the bombing near Sharjeh resulted in the explosion of an oil refinery near Kirkuk.

Some oil-bearing wells were mined with antitank mines.

The Iraqi Army units are ditching around near Baghdad and Kirkuk round the clock to resist the US Army.

homepage: homepage: http://en.rian.ru/rian/index.cfm?prd_id=160&msg_id=3080125&startrow=11&date=2003-03-06&do_alert=0

Pravda Now Reporting Same 06.Mar.2003 12:08


Pravda Now Reporting Same - picked up from previous report

Russian Citizens, Except Russian Embassy, Leave Iraq

US Bombers Load Cruise Missiles In UK 06.Mar.2003 12:56


Latest: 10.30am Thurs 6th Mar: reports of cruise missile loading

Anti-war campaigners at RAF / USAF Fairford in Gloucestershire have been maintaining a Bomber Watch [pics] outside the base since US B-52 bombers started arriving there at the start of the week (one campaigner was arrested after four hours inside the base). The use of military planes from Fairford signaled the start of the previous Gulf War bombardment. Many protests including civil disobedience and direct actions have been held at Fairford in recent months (see previous features) - there is also an ongoing peace camp (recently moved).

Police have stepped up security around the base using Section 60 to enable stop-and-search powers.

Fairford is also one of only a few bases outside the US that can accommodate the nuclear capable B-2 Stealth Bombers. Despite rumors there has so far been no confirmation of B-2 deployment at Fairford, although U2 spyplanes have been seen.

Bombers continue to arrive, and campaigners are calling for more people to join the bomber watch. They also intend to hold a Picnic 4 Peace this weekend ahead of a mass protest planned at the base and elsewhere on March 22nd.

its started 06.Mar.2003 12:56


its started. scourch and burn....

note pravda also states; ruski's leaving, and 15,000 human bombs are arrayed as well for us force.