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Don't pay for a war you don't support

Why do you pay for a war that you didn't vote for?
As a country we are going to be paying for a war that we didn't want to begin with. You wouldn't be very happy if somebody told you what to buy against your will. Since we are supposed to live in a democracy, (which we are not, otherwise we would get to vote whether we go to war as a nation or not.) we still have some power and say in this matter. We can decide not to pay taxes this year. I don't want dollars that I've earned to be spent on killing people I've never met before. There's just something fundametally wrong with that. So what if we all decided not to pay taxes anymore? How is the government going to fund a war that nobody else is funding? Let the pro-war people give the government extra money or something if they need a war that badly. I can do something better with my money. I can help out my local economy. Let me know what you think.

-a tax payer
Get in touch w/ reality 06.Mar.2003 11:22


What do I think?? I think you'll go to jail!!

oh no 06.Mar.2003 11:34

jane doe

There will always be consequences in an oppressive environment but at least you will know that you excercised what you felt was right...listen to KBOO in the mornings they have had some callers suggest wonderful ideas on paying taxes but having nine hundred and eleven dollars go towards schools rather than war...is this plausible...I have no idea, but might as well try.

Realize, Rebel, Revolutionize,

What if everyone did it? 06.Mar.2003 11:37

what if

What if everyone who was opposed to war didn't pay taxes. They can't arrest over 10 million people. There's simply not enough jail cells or police officers.

not sure 06.Mar.2003 11:55


I don't know a lot about tax resistance, but it seems to me that, depending on what you do for a living, it may be that the govt already has your tax $$. In my case, they take it out all year, and then I have to file to get some of it back because they always take out too much. I'm sure there are probably ways around this, but of course the first comment is correct. If you're an activist in any way, they'r ethreatened by you and will use whatever they can to put you away. If you don't pay your taxes, that will just help them justify what they do.

I agree, though, that we shouldn't be paying for a war that we don't support. This is clearly a war that will support the interests of a very few, very evil individuals. It's not about "freedom" or "democracy" or any of the other standard things they always say. It's about using poor americans to kill poor iraqis to make money for rich imperialists. And joe six pack is buying it because he foolishly thinks it will mean cheaper oil for him. Ha! The imperialists want control over the oil so they can sell it at outrageous prices. It's just, they will be making money off it instead of someone in iraq.

Think about this. If this is about "the events of september the eleventh," then why have we gone after afghanistan and iraq? What did they have to do with that? Nothing. If the govt's own story is to be believed, all the alleged terrorists were from SAUDI ARABIA. None of them were from Iraq or afghanistan. Read about US policy in the last decade. It's a matter of public record that oil interests have been wanting to install a puppet govt in afghanistan for some time, so they could complete a pipeline and control oil flow from the caspian region. THAT is why US forces were sent to afghanistan. To safeguard the interests of the rich at the expense of the very poor. As always.

Why Iraq? Same reason. Oil, power, control, corruption.

It sorts well with their ideas on environment 06.Mar.2003 12:46


Only paying for the war if you agree with it would be consistent with the administrations environmental policy.

They consider environmentalism a virtue and not a nesscessity. You are free to stop polluting if you feel like it.

So it follows that support for the war should also be a virtue. You are free to pay for their war if you feel like it.

It's all about choice. Their choice, not ours.

I'm with you 06.Mar.2003 14:40

get serious

Since the US doesn't have a UN resolution, and only some 35% back a war without UN approval, that makes Bush's war scheme wildly unpopular. If he goes ahead with it, he will be rubbing our nose in the fact that he has us in a situation where we are powerless, in terms of conventional means. The Congress has (illegally) signed off, and Bush will be trying to mend the damage between now and re-election time. But we are not powerless if we act together.

A tax strike can be effective if it is large enough. For it to get large, people have to know that they are not acting alone. So we should start a website where people can pledge to be part of a tax strike. When the number gets to 100,000, Washington will listen. Any Web designers out there who would be willing to host such an effort?

National War Tax Resistance 06.Mar.2003 15:48


Interested? Go here:  http://www.nwtrcc.org/

Courage 06.Mar.2003 18:13


You don't necessarily have to choose to have money withheld from your paychecks automatically. You can withold zero, and pay your taxes at the end of the year if you so choose (Or, not pay at the end of the year).

If you have the balls to do it, it's the absolute most powerful protest you can do. Anyone that does it is incredibly courageous. Noone will ever be able to question the strength of your convictions, and must give pause to think about them.

Most War-tax protesters still pay taxes, but withhold a portion (30%?) that they understand will be paid to the military. Many donate the money they would otherwise have paid to a anti-war/peace charity.

But bear in mind the government WILL take your house, car, or whatever other posessions you may have to cover the expense. You'll probably spend a fair amount of time in prison. Clearly, if 10 million Americans decided to do it, the protest would work completely. The fact of the matter is it won't and can't work. 10 million Americans do not feel that strongly about the issue, nor will they ever.

There was a case of a couple in PA, I believe, that did exactly this - refused to pay the 'military portion' of their taxes, and donated it to charity. The government came in an auctioned their house. Another couple bought it for something like $5,000. In that case, the land was owned by a "community trust", and could never be sold to anyone. Since the "trust" owned the land, they allowed the previous owners (and a large collection of like minded people) to sit in the yard, and conduct a 24x7 vigil/protest outside the house. The protest went on for an entire year.

you voted for it when you voted for Nadar! 06.Mar.2003 18:37


thats the thing you are really pissed off about, and blaming yourself for isn't it?

537 votes in florida for gore and not for nadar would have done it..

thanks for the support, we couldn't have done it without you.

You imbecile 06.Mar.2003 19:01

voted for Gore Whore

but wouldn't do it again.

Bush won with voter fraud and a corrupt Supreme Court. Read a little, would you?

If you are able to read, check out Stupid White Men or Counting on Democracy. Besides gaining understanding about what really happened in the 2000 election, you'll see the mess we're in is definitely not just a Republican phenomenon. If you think the Democrats are any better than Republicans, sign on the dotted line for the Hawthorne Bridge. Your treasured Democrats are every bit as slimy; think of them as the Republicans' "good cops."

Oh Come On df 06.Mar.2003 19:34


Stop the Nader blame game. Gore won the election by tens of thousands of votes, not 537, or whatever number you cited. The Florida count was a fraud and it is a well document fraud.

There's no game if you refuse to play 06.Mar.2003 22:04

I refuse

ya know, we REALLY have to be careful about the dissenters in our midst....trying to focus our minds and energies on petty little quarrels and taking away from the big picture ahead. We're smarter and stronger than that.....remember!

Axis of Peace Campaign 07.Mar.2003 10:40


An organized campaign to do this, with very low risk options available, already exists. Please check out the Axis of Peace Campaign at:


They're advocating that people withold and redirect either $9.11 or $91.11 from their taxes this year. Almost no one who does the smaller amount can expect any attention from the IRS, unless they decide to make a special effort this year to crush this. But thanks to Republicans (trying to make things easier for their corporate cronies), the IRS now has minimal resources for enforcement efforts.

Boycotting Federal taxes is not the hardest.. 07.Mar.2003 15:01


The Oil Addiction is harder for most people to break.
I've only done it for nine months. It changes the daily routine but it's not impossible. Using gas and the
internal combustion engine supports the foreign oil business, consumes oxygen in the air and
inserts NOx, carbon monoxide, CO2, and nasty sulfuric acids.
Back to Federal Taxes --
It's mostly fear (and not true reality) that prevents taxpayers from withholding, reducing or redirecting their
federal tax payments. Jail time for conscientious tax resisters is extremely rare, you would have to make jail
your goal to receive any sentence. Tax evasion is a different matter (those avoiding taxes to save money or just
plain greed).
I have been withholding Federal Taxes for over twelve years and have had a state tax refund of $3 and some taxes from the phone bill go to the IRS. That's it! Only a few dollars out of over $100,000 in wages over the years go to the Feds. I do claim "exempt" on my W-2 and rather firm about it. The business manager can question it but they shouldn't overrule you.
Avoiding IRS/Fed. Taxes is not that unusual. I have joined War Resisters League chapters in Los Angeles and Portland and have met others who withhold or redirect federal tax dollars.


Let the nonprofits of your choice benefit! 07.Mar.2003 15:37


One important thing. The IRS being denied your tax money is something they'll be
concerned about although it's no big deal in their total dollar picture.
However, if you redirect your "owed tax dollars" to nonprofits or other worthy causes,
that changes things. A million dollars to the IRS is a minute amount, but ask a group such as
Dignity Village if a few thousand dollars makes a difference. (DV received over $5,000 in 2001
from redirected federal taxes)

Get Real 08.Mar.2003 19:42


Yeah, maybe you should go out and buy yourself a cowardly lion suit.

This is a Democracy; however, we still have ELECTED officials who lead our country and make decisions. Do you actually think that in a democratic country the people vote on every national decision. Democracy is an idiology, not a voting card.