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Rally to End Commercial Logging on Public Lands - Eugene, Monday March 10

Join forest activists from around the globe at the post-ELAW rally as they call for an End to Commercial Logging!
End Commercial Logging on Public Lands Rally
Monday March 10, 2003
Federal Building, downtown Eugene (7th and Pearl St)
Bring signs, banners, drums & noisemakers, and creative energy

Activists from the local area as well as activists in town for the Environmental Law Conference will join forces to bring attention to the plight of our public lands. The greedy destruction of our last native forests is now in the hands of the Bush Administration offering payback to the timber industry for their millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Companies such as Roseburg Forest Products, Zip-O-Log Mills, Seneca Jones, Starfire, Rosboro, D.R. Johnson, Lone Rock, Thomas Creek, and so on...... are raping these forests for profit. Let's do something about it!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977

Anarco environmentalist imposters 06.Mar.2003 22:12

You know the drill

Go ahead and censor it some more, hypocrite indymedia free press for all outside of the main stream press. As if this subject has ever been in the main stream press. Spare me please.

You know as well as I that the anarcos run the forest protection movement in Cascadia. The question is WHY? The anarcos I have met and/or encounterd negatively have turn into trashers of "the community" before my eyes by way of supporting mental torture of organizing forest activists, then internally trashing the local communities of the organizing forest activists, rendering the organizing forest activists irrelavent and ineffective, then cowering and having the organizing forest activists followed around to be spyed upon with reports going back to the anarco forest protection controllers whereupon the anarco forest protection trashers then continue their same mo in a circular motion. Well wouldn't we all agree that the anarco forest protection controllers should cop to what they in fact dig. No they won't cop to what they dig because that is anarchy itself. Anarchy is stealth violence, disorder (ie the Casey Neal song lyrics), and irresponsibility. So what the Fuck are the anarco controller fuck ups doing controlling the forest protection movement in the Cascadia? Why aren't they doing what they do best? Disorder (just ask Casey next time you see him), violence (just ask Mr Elf mouthpiece with the cop spiral facture next time you see him), and cowardice (just ask the snich that sniched off trayarrow).

Why are the people in Cascadia so docile and stupid to relinquish the reins to anarco phonies? Maybe its because they look like they went to Reed. Only thing is they need to see the Wizard of Oz to sing "If I only had a brain".