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Kurdish Voice Critical On War On Iraq (KPFA Interview)

View from American Kurdish Information Network.
Kani Xulam, a Kurd from northern Kurdistan, is the director of the American Kurdish Information Network. He was interviewed on the KPFA Morning Show March 5, 2003, discussing the pending war with Iraq. Among his many observations, he noted:
"...conservative [U.S.] media is using our dead, the victims of chemical and biological weapons to drum up support for the war effort. And we resent that. Fourteen years ago, when we were bombarded by chemical and biological weapons, (the) Reagan administration did not even acknowledge our dead, and did not even condemn this brutal act against a civilian population that constitutes a crime against humanity ... Now, the conservative [U.S.] media is using our dead to drum up support for this war, which we don't think will bring anything good for the Kurds."

MP3, 48kbps, 5.9 megabytes, runtime: 17:14