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imperialism & war


we need a peace symbol---a statue for peace.
the status quo has there sybmols-mostly mass murdering men-turned hero..
you know the type. all the movements have no heros, instituitional heroes or nearly so... mlk, and ghandi perhaps..

we need a statue. perhaps a big dick with bush, powell, cheny, and condosleeza for the head. who knows. but of course it the power of the symbol. to stand and to remind us daily. yes maybe a statue is in order. waterfront park would be a fitting place.

look at the coverage the chineese students got with the statue of liberty.

it was unfortunate that bush daddy, kissinger inc, and the world community at larged ignored the fact of the student bbq that followed but i digress...

perhaps, the holocaust memorial can be decorated with dead palestinians replicas.

or the vietnam memorial decorated with the million vietnemese that died or all the dead folk since then....or a peace memorial instead.

how about the creation of a hero or shero. one who used the miltary for creation and not distruction. we could use the military infrastucture for vacation resort services. build homes for the poor, medical care for the poor, and training for the needy. we need a better vision.

why this mass murder shit? what is with that?

we need to take control. its time to give them the vasoline.

vote peace