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Flyer for M/15 peace march

This is a flyer I put together, I think it's sized for one page, print it out and take it to kinko's. I'm planning to flyer my neighborhood (E. Burnside and 28th area). I think these will look best on red paper, but be creative. We need to get the word out, I haven't seen much promotion yet.
Flyer for M/15 peace march
Flyer for M/15 peace march
Use this flyer, or make your own. This is designed to be cut so you get two flyers from one sheet. I think the narrow horizontal half sheet will look good on telephone poles.
One more try 05.Mar.2003 17:45


This is the third time I am trying today. I am getting frustrated. Originally I tried to put it up as a bitmap file, now I am posting it as a j-peg. I hope this works.
One more try
One more try

oh yeccccchhhhh!!! 05.Mar.2003 20:00

radical poster boy

"March for America" ?!?!? How about for the Iraqis or the Palestinians or the Colombians or any of the other billions of people being crushed by the corporate U.S. war machine? And the freaking U.S. flag? All it stands for is blood and greed and attempted genocide. You are clueless, Jason.

Here's posters for the radical march, which i am personally hoping doesn't go anywhere near the "March for America". blecccch!!!

Chill out and think about purpose 05.Mar.2003 20:25


I knew this flyer was going to create some controversy, but I think you need to calm down radical poster boy. There is a time and a place for different tactics. The peace movement today depends on inclusivity and mainstream participation.

Secondly, I do support the ideal of America. A country founded on equality and life, liberty and the persuit of happiness is a good thing. I agree we have a horrible record of living up to our ideals, and I don't entertain any illusions, but I still support a progressive vision for this country. Symbols are only what you make them. I am attempting to reclaim our country from Bush. The strength of our voice is that we are the american people--this administrations policy does not represent us and thus our democracy is illegatamate. (I reccomend the book Acheiving our Country, by Richard Rorty for those who think there is nothing to be proud of about America)

The thing is, that writing FUCK in big letters is only going to turn people off and how does that help stop a war. I guess it allows you to vent your anger, but that's not really the point of a flyer asking people to show up for a march. Think about what you stand for poster boy. I am sick of people that only have room for negative ideas. It's a whole lot easier to be a critic than an artist, but give it a try--come up with a postive message, it will accomplish a lot more.

Patriotism is not Peace 05.Mar.2003 23:21


I think this "March for America" slogan and American flag is completely contradictory. You essentially want to pander to and appease the mainstream with symbols of AMerican Nationalism--the same AMerican Nationalism which is the basis and lifeblood for the WArmongers. In your effort to get great numbers of people to your march, you will to soften to domesticate your agenda and message.

However well intentioned you are about "American Ideals," I think it is a much better idea to appeal to the idea of a Common Humanity--without this kind of chauvinistic American Nationalism.

If you want to appeal to some "positive ideas" have a flag of the earth instead. Or issue a call for a "March for Humanity."
Patriotism is not Peace
Patriotism is not Peace

Nice flyer 06.Mar.2003 07:59

sexy anarchist bloc

Nice flyer, radical boy. You should ignore the liberals who complain about the words on your flyers. The US is getting ready to kill thousands of people and somebody is worked up about swear words?

Hey liberal guy, I've got news for you: there isn't one peace movement. There are several anti-war and peace movements. If we want to co-exist without trying to control freak each other, we need to understand that different movements exist.

Fuck the flag and fuck America!

you're wrong about 'FUCK', Jason 06.Mar.2003 09:20

radical poster boy

sometimes people have differences of opinion about complex issues. other times, some people are right and others are wrong. you, Jason, by making the set of classist assumptions above, are on the wrong side of things.

i am sick and tired of this idea that anti-war activists need to water down our ideals or sell ourselves short to appeal to some imaginary mainstream. 1) you don't know what the hell the mainstream is, and 2) you are insulting this group by underestimating them.

on the point of 1), who is "the mainstream": white middle class people? that's not the majority of this country. educated whites are a minority due to the financial and social barriers that exist between most people and higher education. the largest demographic block in the u.s. is mainstream working class people without higher education (of all races combined). i don't know what circles you've mixed in or where you're from or how you were raised, but i can tell you that for the most part the working class people i have known, worked with, and lived with, don't have the problems with "obscenity" that you are suggesting. indeed, this whole "proper language" thing has always been a purely classist notion, purposely used by elites to keep people down. you are part of that inglorious effort when you chime in above.

i went to an anti-war rally in eugene last year that marched to and then mixed into the Saturday Market that's held there every week in the warmer months. it's a family setting, full of children, old people, and different demographics, from working class to professionals. i carried a sign that said, "SAVE THE COUNTRY, FUCK THE WAR". what was the reaction in this mainstream setting? people LOVED it! people stopped, pointed, smiled, took pictures, told me they agreed with me, gave the thumbs up or the peace sign and were generally pleased. only a few scowled. in this part of the country anyway, this is the imaginary mainstream you are trying to reach, and they were not offended by the word FUCK.

i am sick and fucking tired of that classist bullshit. you are an elitist jerk for saying what you've said. i've gone out and done it, and found acceptance for it, despite what you and your organizer/leader friends said.

quite simply, jason, you're WRONG on this one.

get real 06.Mar.2003 10:15


The ideal of America is a sham. This country is founded on greed and genocide. This nation has killed something like 40 Million indigenous people who lived here. This country was built on the slavery of the African people. It has since killed millions of brown people around the world. This nation has done more harm in the world than any empire before it. It needs to be stopped, dismantled and the images of it ground into dust.

I agree that it is important to reach out to people of all sorts, but not by telling lies. The U.S. flag is a symbol of imperial arrogance and the subjugation of people around the world. You cannot reclaim something you never had. You have been duped by Nationalistic propaganda. You have eaten the poison of imperialism and now exude its aroma.

The very name America demonstrates the incredible arrogance of this country. The name of this country is the United States. America includes lots of other nations north and south. By calling ourselves America we are dismissing all those other nations and peoples. Typical self-centered U.S. thinking.

Pointing out the obvious 06.Mar.2003 12:34


Thank you, Jason, for doing what you can for the peace movement. But, I need to state the obvious concerning your comment that "the word FUCK in big letters is only going to turn people off and how does that help stop a war."

Your american flag has obviously offended some people here already, and is likely to offend even more. Don't they count in your "inclusivity"? As has already been noted above, your assertion on behalf of the so-called "mainstream" does, in fact, demonstrate a certain level of classism. Why worry about offending people with the word FUCK, while ignoring the possibility of offending people with a symbol of the unearned privilege, brutality and bloodshed that the US represents?

While I think it's good that you are putting your energies into trying to stop the war, I have to say that, in order to be effective in stopping this or any war, this march needs to be a march AGAINST america(TM), not "for" it.

diversity of tactics 06.Mar.2003 12:51


I am all for a diversity of tactics, however, sometimes it crosses a line that I cannot in good conscience agree with. The idea of the U.S. flag and a March for America is outside the area I can support.

The flag and concept of America are symbols of oppression, and appealing to peoples nationalism in order to get them out on the street is short sighted.

By appealing to peoples nationalism you are strengthening the very underpinnings of war and imperial conquest. In my opinion, such a position has moved so far away from what is true, that I will not support it.

On second thought 06.Mar.2003 14:02


Ok, thanks for all the comments--particularly from those who took the time to be constructive and polite. It is surprising what many people assumed about me. My intent was not to be patriotic in a jingoistic sense, or to justify america's behavior. I have been frustrated by attempts to portray the anti-war movement as simplistic and nieve. I was attempting to create a flyer that would make people think about america, particularly people who would be inclined to support bush/war.

Anyway, I won't make the flyer's, but I am a bit frustrated. As someone above pointed out, variety of tactics is important. It's kind of insulting that some people seem to spend all thier energy bashing others who are trying to work on the same goal of stopping a war.

I didn't realize how much offense some people would take at the flag being used--personally, I take offense to flag stickers on SUV's and imperialist jingoism. I was hoping to use the symbol next to the words STOP THE WAR to make a point. Not to wave it.

Anyway, I just wish people would be constructive and postive rather than jerks.

another reply 06.Mar.2003 15:44


Reading through the comments, they make various good points in response to the flyer. Whether a person has the nicest way of saying things, or is abrupt and terse, we should focus on the actual points being made, not the niceties of delivery.

Personally, I do not believe we can/should 'reclaim' the word patriotic either. It's roots are the same as patriarchy and inherently out of balance. As one poster said, you cannot reclaim what you never have had. Patriotism has been the means to ensure male obedience to genocidal policies around the globe and it has alot to do with our collectively sitting on the precipice of environmental devastation as humans blindly obey orders to kill living beings and rape the planet.

We need a universal language now, not an exclusive language of mine over yours. I understand the temptation to use the language and symbols of U.S. culture in order to appeal to people. However, we are then appealing to the very force that is an integral part of the war we are opposing.

btw, thanks Jason for recognizing the value of peoples comments and responding positively.

I believe we can both appeal to a wide audience and at the same time not compromise the focus and strength of the words we speak.