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Experiments Indicate 911 "Hijacked Airlines" Cell Phone Calls not from Airliners

A recent experiment confirms the probable fact that the alleged "passenger cell phone calls" to have been made from the 911 hijacked airliners most likely did not come from the airliners. No surprise for those who realize the planes were most probably electronically hijacked (c.f. "Ghostriders" by Prof. Dewdney of University of Waterloo).
9/11: The Enlightenment

Can Science overcome Myth? (in time to stop the next war)

MEDIA RELEASE 4th March 2003

Professor A.K. Dewdney, author of 'Ghost Riders in the Sky', has released the results of an experiment testing the feasibility of claims that cellphone calls were made from 'hijacked' airplanes on September 11th 2001.

The cellphone calls from hijacked planes were a crucial element of the 'official version' of the horrific events of '9/ 11', as they directly corroborated the notion that all four planes were hijacked by Arab terrorists.

Dewdney's experiment suggests that it is highly unlikely the cellphone calls took place as reported...

Dewdney's 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' hypothesis has been available on the web since early 2002. Now in its fourth version, it can be viewed HERE. Dewdney is a Canadian Mathematician and Computer Scientist who holds the position of Emeritus Professor at the University of Western Ontario and has some 100 academic papers to his name. He proposes that the four 'hijacked' airplanes on 9/11 were taken over by remote control after all crew and passengers were disabled (probably killed by a poisonous gas such as sarin). Professor Dewdney further suggests that the 'Arab hijackers', whose identity has been shrouded in mystery since it was discovered that several alleged hijackers are in fact alive and well, were patsies.

A crucial objection to Dewdney's hypothesis has been the cellphone calls reportedly made from the 'hijacked' planes. These cellphone calls appear to substantiate the official version of events. If they took place as reported, Dewdney's hypothesis is clearly incorrect.

In version four of 'Ghost Riders', Dewdney went to great lengths to analyze the numerous reports of cellphone calls, and showed how they could have been faked.

Now he's gone one better...

On Tuesday 25th February 2003, Dewdney chartered a light plane and flew up into the airspace above London Ontario - an area extensively serviced with cellphone stations. His goal was to test the essential feasibility of the claim that cellphone calls could have been made from planes at high altitude.

Dewdney's report on this private experiment, entitled 'Project Achilles', is HERE

His report concludes:

"To the extent that the cellphones used in this experiment represent types in general use, it may be concluded that from this particular type of aircraft, cellphones become useless very quickly with increasing altitude. In particular, two of the cellphone types, the Mike and the Nokia, became useless above 2000 feet. Of the remaining two, the Audiovox worked intermittently up to 6000 feet but failed thereafter, while the BM analog cellphone worked once just over 7000 feet but failed consistently thereafter. We therefore conclude that ordinary cellphones, digital or analog, will fail to get through at or above 8000 feet abga."

The light plane used by Dewdney for the experiment could be expected to yield much better results for cellphone use than large commercial airliners of the type 'hijacked' on 9/11, because the carbon fiber skin of the test plane is 'radio transparent' and offers little attenuation of the signal - unlike the aluminum surface of a Boeing 757 or 767. If cellphones fail at a given altitude in the test plane, one may be confident they won't work at equivalent altitude in an airliner with a metal surface.

Dewdney's experiment suggests that if cellphone calls from 'hijacked' airplanes on 9/11 happened at all, they must all have occurred at very low altitude. This is inconsistent with the 'official version' of events.

The implications that 9/11 was a spectacular hoax are, of course, staggering. Many journalists and commentators may be reticent to dissect the official version of events, because to do so opens a veritable Pandora's Box.

If 9/11 was not carried out by Arab terrorists, the perpetrators clearly must have influence within the highest levels of the US Administration. Key elements of the mass media must also have been complicit in perpetrating the fraud.

Whoever was ultimately responsible for these crimes against humanity apparently intended, inter alia, to portray terrorism as a quintessentially Muslim phenomenon and trigger long-term western hostility towards the Arab and Moslem world.

With war looming in the middle east, justified largely on the basis of the events of '9/11', the immediate contemporary relevance of this possibility is self-evident.

Giving credence to this view is not, perhaps, conducive to a successful career in the western media. Nevertheless, journalists worthy of the title should start seriously investigating the many anomalies surrounding 9/11 - and stop uncritically regurgitating officially-sanctioned myths which fail to withstand scientific scrutiny. - ENDS


See Professor Dewdney's 'Project Achilles' Part 2 Report

See also Professor Dewdney's Ghost Riders in the Sky Version 1.4


For more information contact Winston Smith:  winston@feralnews.com

For information specifically about the 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' hypothesis and the recently-concluded cellphone test (Project Achilles), contact professor AK Dewdney at  akd@uwo.ca

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AirPhones, not Cell Phones 05.Mar.2003 16:56

Dirac Angestun Gesept

Have you not noticed that many airliners are equipped with AirPhones? These are telephones installed in the seat backs, and they work just fine at any altitude.

Besides, the airliners that hit the World Trade Center had to be flying below 2,000 feet since the towers were only slightly more than 1,000 feet high.

Human Nature Disproves Conspiracy Theories 05.Mar.2003 17:14

Martin S. White martin@naicr.org

Unfortunately most post-industrial age humans are woefully ignorant about basic human nature. For a basic human nature does show that the official conspiracy theory that "Muslim Hijackers" are to blame is totally false. You are believing in a MYTH.

They were not 'airphones' Dirac A.G. 05.Mar.2003 17:38

joggin your memory

They told us repeatedly that it was cell phones that were used. Here's a bit to jog your memory


September 12 The final phone calls from the hijacked victims expressed love to their familes and give clues to investigators. NBC's Bob Faw reports.
A conversation overheard in one cockpit and frantic cell phone calls from some passengers painted nightmarish scenes aboard the four hijacked airplanes used in Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

Passengers voted to attack hijackers
NEW YORK (CNN) September 13, 2001 Posted: 5:19 PM EDT

Cell Phones Aboard Flight 11, a Chilling Voice
By ERIC LICHTBLAU, Times Staff Writer

Cell Phones On Flight 93, defiant voices
In cell-phone calls to loved ones, captives spoke of fighting back.

Cell-Phone Calls Offer Clues About Flight 93 Hijacking
12 Sep 2001 By Charles Lane and John Mintz, Washington Post

Cell Phone Call From Peter Hanson Flight 175 brings comfort to Father!
"The fact that he called me - he could have called any number of people," he said. "I take a lot of comfort in that. He thought enough to do that."

Cell phone Call From Barbara Olson Flight 77 looks for help! Barbara asked her husband "Solicitor General Ted Olson" to tell the pilot what to do. She felt nobody was in charge!



Victims used cell phones to call loved ones; one said three passengers planned action

Associated Press

Published Sep. 12, 2001 CELL13

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. -- As hijackers took over United Airlines Flight 93, at least four passengers placed cell phone calls to plead for help or say ``I love you.'' One even vowed to take action against the attackers.


absurd leap of logic 05.Mar.2003 22:56


So...based on a test by this professors planeride, cellphones are inoperable above 2,000 feet. Still, countless people have made calls from airliners. People on the ground have recieved these calls, before and after 9/11.

And more importantly. Who were the people who recieved calls from the passengers on these planes talking to? Well trained voice mimics who managed to learn enough about these people's lives to tell their stand-in spouses and family members they were being hijacked? Or maybe all the people on the ground were bought off, they sacrificed their family members for a cut of the Bush oil/blood money?

This is absurd.

Maybe... 06.Mar.2003 06:01

Freedom Fighters

"Cell phone Call From Barbara Olson Flight 77 looks for help! Barbara asked her husband "Solicitor General Ted Olson" to tell the pilot what to do. She felt nobody was in charge!"

Maybe she felt nobody was in chagre because there were no hijackers but the pilot could not control the plane?
Just a thought...

Ghost Riding Cellphone calls 13.Feb.2004 17:28

James Kirkbond

Let us suppose, for moment that the calls from a plane are dubious, or cannot be made, or can be made.

Now let us match the cellphone manufacturers to the maker.

I mean each call to the maker.

Then we can also match the area to the maker. So we have area, manufacturer and call maker and time and altitude.

We can further match each statement to the the event.

Now we can extrapolate.