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Human shields plan collapsing

idiots deemed by Iraqi Government to be no longer useful.
Human shields plan collapsing
By David Blair in Baghdad
(Filed: 03/03/2003)

Demoralised "human shields" in Iraq faced the collapse of their plans yesterday after the Baghdad regime ordered them to deploy at possible targets or leave the country.

Nine of the 11 British peace activists who arrived in Baghdad aboard two London buses have already left after barely a week in Iraq. Others may follow today, when a deadline set by the government expires.

Abdul al-Hashimi, head of Saddam Hussein's Peace and Solidarity Organisation, ordered the volunteers to disperse to nine sites in Baghdad or leave. Most of the activists thought that they would be "shielding" schools or hospitals, but the sites on Mr al-Hashimi's list include power stations, oil refineries and water purification plants.

"We had been told we would go to humanitarian sites, specifically hospitals," said Ken O'Keefe, a former US marine who has emerged as the informal leader of the activists. "But we've now been told that we can't go to those places. The human shields strategy will not work under these circumstances. The level of trust is not present now."

Asked if the human shields would deploy to Mr al-Hashimi's chosen sites, Mr O'Keefe replied: "No we won't, not in this capacity. If the choice is deploy or leave, then we'll leave."

About 200 human shields have arrived in Baghdad from the West, but most have done nothing except fill rooms at the middle-ranking Andalus Hotel and attend meetings of an extensive array of committees, including one covering "spiritual healing".

Some dispersed to dormitories at Baghdad South power station and the al-Daura oil refinery, but even they are trickling away in twos and threes.

Four Britons lasted just seven days at the power station. Their beds in the dormitory occupied by the 11 remaining human shields are empty.

"They were afraid so they have gone," said Assad al-Issa, a 32-year-old Syrian who has every intention of staying. "They were very good friends, very good people and we miss them."

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Great Post 03.Mar.2003 21:11


The human shields lack the forethought to realize that going to Iraq in support of the Iraqi "people" would be expoited by Saddam Hussein. But at least reality finally sunk in ... for some. I do wonder about the folks who are staying there. Do they really want to die "guarding" Saddam's soldiers?

this message is for '!'. Personally. 04.Mar.2003 01:01

the *real* human shield of Baghdad

this message is for '!'.  Personally.
this message is for '!'. Personally.

Shields are being used by more than one govt. 04.Mar.2003 03:08

No Such Agency

I will probably disappear for divulging this...

Some Human shields are actually under control of the MKULTRA (a secret US government sleeper plan) program. The se shields are being used for precession guidance of missiles to cause the greatest amount of damage to strategic targets. This information comes from the most solid of sources.

Even if that is Rumsfeld in the Photo 04.Mar.2003 04:30


and the photo is undoctored, it is irrelevant. No doubt he's been torturing his own people for 20 years. We couldn't do anything about it until he invaded Kuwait. Once we got him out of Kuwait he agreed to very specific terms of surrender. He has been in violation of these terms. What's more, he kicked inspectors out of Iraq for 4 years and didn't let them back in until the renewed threat of force from Bush (there was no real compliance from 1998 on). That photo has no relevance to whether Saddam Hussein is in violation of the terms of his surrender, is a torturer and dictator who needs to be out of Iraq, and is most certainly developing weapons of mass destruction as recent discoveries indicate.

If you feel comfortable living in a world where Saddam Hussein has the power and the tools to do to the rest of the world what he has done to his own people, that's your problem. I'm sure the Iraqi people celebrate your sense of justice and fair play.

And to the guy who thinks he is going to be "disappeared": Lay off the 420 dude.

What rubbish 04.Mar.2003 10:43

Jack Straw

What rubbish!! The US couldn't do anything about Saddam till the Kuwait invasion, so meanwhile it gave him weapons of mass destruction? And the US ambassador winked at the prospect of the Kuwaiti invasion, by the way. The inspectors were not kicked out, they were pulled out, that is a *fact*, like it or not MR Coinlepro.

IraqGate 1980-1994 04.Mar.2003 21:20


On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops rolled across the border into neighboring Kuwait. The invasion prompted outrage and action from the White House where Iraq's President Saddam Hussein was reviled as a modern day Hitler, potentially more dangerous by virtue of his nuclear weapons ambitions.

But Washington's view had not always been so negative....

IraqGate 1980-1994
IraqGate 1980-1994

Human Shields 'Treasonous' 05.Mar.2003 07:43

Justice Needed

I would like congress and the Department of Justice to look into Americans headed to or already in Iraq to offer themselves as "human shields."
I believe that Americans who go to Iraq are committing treasonous acts. The full force of the law must be applied to those American citizens who give aid or comfort to our enemies.

It is my opinion that any American who voluntarily engages in conduct to impede a potential American military operation, and who thereby endangers the lives of our nation's men and women in uniform, is participating in a program designed to weaken the power of the United States to wage war successfully. I strongly believe efforts to impede a potential military operation against Iraq should be strongly dealt with and I am seeking your assistance in this matter.

Our constitution and federal legal structure do not allow Americans to actively aid nations or groups engaged in hostilities with the United States. The recent conviction of American John Walker Lindh for his assistance with Al Qaeda is just one such example.

The Justice Department must make a statement formally notifying Americans engaged in such conduct of the legal risks they are about to assume. In January, Iraq announced that it was bringing in several groups from Arab, European nations and the United States to act as human shields. Just this weekend, several British war protesters, who traveled from London to Baghdad to act as human shields, returned to England, saying that they feared for their safety. Supporters of the movement said they thought they could prevent a war if several thousand people acted as shields but only a few dozen showed up.

The United States has previously said that using civilians as human shields is a war crime. The government needs to but a stop to Americans aiding the enemy.

Pull Your Head Out 05.Mar.2003 16:23

To Locate a Traitor, Look In the Mirror

Anyone who is knowingly supporting the global criminal Bush gang is an enemy of democracy. You ought to be begging forgiveness for your stupidity.