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Benefit for Black Cross, MASHH and CHE- TONIGHT!!!

The medical collectives that provide care like when you're soaked in pepper spray are holding a benefit party TONIGHT!
(from the indy calendar)-

CHE, Black Cross and MASHH are dedicated to providing medical care and training to activists and everyday people. Come meet these fascinating folks, bring $5 and up for the door, a hungry belly and more greasy bills for some chili from the Anarchist Baking Collective, yummy baked goods from Seeds of Peace, another $5 and a valid ID and your mug for the beer garden, and some dancin' feet to shake it with Lil' Pete, Knect Ruprecht, and Pennsytucky Takeover , and the solo acoustic tunes of Zoe Wood from Missoula, Montana. C'mon down to Liberty Hall and boogie with the medics who care for hundreds of people taking a stand for a better future.

7:00 pm at Liberty Hall- 311 N Ivy