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Nothing new in Disneyland

American citizens must learn from old european sad history.
Nothing new in Disneyland
Nothing new in Disneyland
The coming into power of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini was accompanied by state-aided blind patriotism, by using an obtusely reduced speech, by permanent using simply foe images and their projection to so called evil nations. American citizens should open their eyes promptly to understand that the same system is now used by their own administration to overrule the Amercican dream of freedom.
Remember the fake argument of Hitler to start the war and attack poland and wake up.

The History repeats and Blair has right that executing appeasement politics is the wrong way for the world to counter the scorched earth policy of Bush and Blair.

It's only a small step
from blind patriotism to fascism
The United States are on the move now

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