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She drove away

oregon woman missing for one month
She drove away
She drove away
She drove away from work to an appointment. She never returned. Later, we learned she had traveled east from Medford, OR towards Klamath Falls and used an ATM the same day she vanished. The ATM security video showed that she was alone. She kept traveling east and stopped in Lakeview, OR where she made some purchases at a Wal-mart. Again, the security video showed she was alone. That quieted our fears that she had not been abducted. Time went on. There were no outward appearances of what might have caused her to simply up and leave. Today marks one month since our sister was last seen. She may have been deeply troubled over some personal problem. Yes, we are concerned she may have harmed herself or committed suicide. She was also driving winter roads and may have gotten stuck somewhere, unable to get her vehicle out. It is also possible she ran into trouble with someone along her journey. She has never used her ATM card again. The possibilities are endless and now I know first-hand what other families endure when a loved one simply vanishes. It's like standing in a house of mirrors trying to seek that one mirror that reflects the true reality. It is easy to get lost there. Friends and loved ones call wanting to know if any word has come. The same words are repeated over and over until the echo in your head cannot be silenced.

To my sister,

We love you. Blessings in your journey whereever you may be. If you are safe, yet troubled - know that this is taking a heavy toll on Mom and Dad. Please contact one of us so they know you are alive. If you are having problems and need time to work them out, take all the time you need. If you need help, we are here.


If you have friends or relatives in eastern Oregon, Nevada, Utah or California, please email this article to them. Someone may recognize the vehicle. We have an email address -  MissingRosie@hotmail.com for anyone with information, though we would request well-wishers to hold their good thoughts in their hearts.

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