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Stick it to the man day!

It's about time that we stick it to the man!
On March 15th join me and thousands of others around the subversive world in "sticking it to the man". As many of you know there are many ways to stick it to the big guy. Be creative, stick it to the man with all the gusto he sticks it to you. Fill up someone's e-mail in box, dump trash or sewage in a polluters office, write "Bush" on stop signs, alter newspaper boxes, circulate flyers, anything to stir shit up. They are not paying attention to us, we need to speak louder. Let's jam this culture with all of our might, and turn this day into a day of action that noone will soon forget. YOU ARE THE PERFECT CRIME!
more ideas 03.Mar.2003 09:38


Silence their propaganda. Remove all corporate lies from their paper boxes and substitute your own literature.

Silence their dollar. Blockade the shopping meccas! Let no one in or out. Shame their patrons.

Silence their mind control. Educate the masses! Hand out flyers, papers, manifestos. Shake the people out of their stupor. Free their mind!

Block the corporate media anywhere you see them. They lie.

oh no, don't do ANY of that! 03.Mar.2003 11:09

crybaby liberal

but we need to keep our protests NONVIOLENT! please don't do any of the things above! some of them, if done by enough people, might be effective, too, and we don't want that!

things to remember 03.Mar.2003 11:30


Something to remember when sticking it to The Man is that there are a lot of lumpenproles who IDENTIFY with The Man in spite of their own best interests. When they see things getting smashed or monkey wrenched, they feel The Man's pain.

I heard that, in SF, when the invasion starts, protesters will shut down the financial district. They are coming equipped with tea and pastries for the stranded motorists. This is a nice touch, which will probably be more effective than the blocade itself. Take out aggression on the REAL targets, and be super sweet to the workers. Any one of them might be ready to pick up the next brick.

Something else to remember 04.Mar.2003 12:32


To paraphrase Paolo, those who side with The Man are siding with the oppressor. Let them awaken from their stupr when they will. We're not waiting.