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VIDEO FILE: No Justice, No Tacos

Today, March 1, 2003, on the corner of Interstate and North Going Street members of the Portland community gathered to protest Taco Bell's callous indifference to what seems to be reasonable demands of tomato pickers in Florida.
This is a national campaign, and here locally, a different Taco Bell is targeted every month. I interviewed two people on the picket line, Dave, from Cross Border Labor Organizing Committee (C-BLOCK), and Cindy, a member of sheet metal workers Local 16 and Jobs with Justice.
Basically, what the tomato pickers in Florida are asking is a 1 cent per pound raise. There has abeen no change in the price paid for tomatoes since 1978, leaving the workers far below minimum wage.
An organization, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers is demanding justice, fair compensation for labor, and a boycott of Taco Bell, who have so far refused to meet with representatives of the Immokalee Workers. Their website is www.ciw-online.org. Go to their website to find information about their activiites, and a hunger strike at Taco Bell's headquarters in Irvine California, today in its 5th day.

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