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Eugene: 150 March for More War; 20 Anti-War Volunteers Take Command

From the open publishing newswire: A pro-war rally in Eugene Saturday was greated by counter-demonstrators. The confrontation lasted from 1PM to 4PM Saturday. A handfull of Eugene Anti-War demonstrators had the good corners staked out when the right-wing march arrived. But Eugene Peace Coalition went AWOL, or perhaps sunbathing. KLCC radio would not air appeal for Anti-War presense. Makes KBOO look political...

Much to the chagrin of the imported KKK type speakers and organizers, and the canon-fodder "middle-America" trucked in from Oakridge, Veneta, and Springfield, a 30 foot banner Peace Banner had gotten to the plaza early and throughout the war rally blocked the main avenue's view of things. The black banner read, "Rachel Corrie: Courage For Peace." [ Full story ]