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March 29 protest reports

Indymedia reporter arrested
an indymedia reporter was arrested this afternoon in downtown portland. here is a report from a phone call i had with them. the reporter was charged with a class a misdemeanor: interfering with a police officer (ORS 162.247) and obtaining content of communication (ORS 165.540). they spent two hours in a holding cell described as "very unsanitary" with blood and snot on the walls. the officer who put them in the cell was friendlier than the arresting officer and actually brought a beverage.

the reporter was released this evening, but without their video camera and cell phone. their camera is being held for "evidence" but the cell phone was listed as "missing" on the property sheet. this sucks. their arraignment is coming up april 29, @ 1:00 p.m., in westside community court (justice center courtroom #1). [ Read More... ]

Army of None: Photos

Pioneer Courthouse Square
March To the Park Blocks
South Park Blocks
'Do Not Engage, Keep Moving'
Terry Schrunk Plaza
Hit and run at Peace Camp
A report came in earlier today that a pick-up truck waving an American flag hit a peace camper. He was hit while riding his bike, and the incident was witnessed by several people. Thankfully, the peace camper did not sustain serious injuries. We've just recieved another report from the peace camp that the offending hit-and-run driver has been found by police - and let go! The police reportedly took his name, but said that they couldn't do anything about it because they did not personally witness the incident. [ Read More... ]

saturday arrests
From the open publishing newswire: Three people have been arrested so far. Two males were arrested at the sw corner of pioneer square around 1:20 another person was arrested at 10th and salmon. we have a report from the street that he was informed by the police that he was no longer allowed to be at the protest. the arresting officers were:
taylor (badge number: 37607)
elo (badge number: 35914)
if anyone knows who these people were, please call jail support: 286-2477
[ Read More... ]

two arrests at Peterson's on morrison Max line
Two arrests happened at 3:20 today, Peterson's Store between 9th and 10th on Morrison. First, there was a man who was the first to be arrested. The second, a person who was video-taping the arrest, became included when Officer Hunzeker #39600 of Central Precinct - located at 1111 s.w. 2nd, Portland, Oregon, 97204 (503) - 823 - 0097, arrested the videographer for allegedly "interfering with police". Officer Hunzeker would not allow a "release of property" to another individual upon requests. Included in the property of the second arrestee was both a video camera and several videotapes. Several citizens witnessnessed both arrests and claimed that police were arresting the videographer to "cover-up" a mis-arrest of the first to be arrested. [ Read More... ]

VIDEO FILE: Army of None Rally and March
Organized by a group calling themselves the Army of None, concerned citizens gathered at Pioneer Square on Saturday, March 29, 2003 to protest the U.S. illegal invasion of Iraq and the murder of innocent civilians. These gatherings will continue at 1:00 every Saturday at Pioneer Square. From the top steps of the Square organizers first quoted Thomas Paine. Next, after stating that the Oregon Constitution was written expressly to safeguard the civil rights of Oregonians beyond those of the U.S. Constitution, excerpts from the Oregon State Constitution were read. One excerpt stated that the citizens had the ability to determine whether the government was acting in the best interests of the people, and guaranteed them the power to do so. Following the Rally, the people marched through Portland to the South Park Blocks for an open microphone, where various citizens spoke their mind about the war in Iraq and the machinations of the Bush Administration. [ Read More... ]

Streaming video, ~8 1/2 minutes long: [ DSL/CABLE Stream | D56K Stream ]