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imperialism & war | police / legal week of bombing

As City wages war on protesters, the community comes together to support them and organize further resistance

I want to sponsor a peace and justice activist
I'm a middle-class person with a good career and financial obligations. As a result of the aggressive invasion of Iraq, I'm tempted to drop everything and return to my roots as a full-time activist. But I believe that offering room and board to a full time peace and justice activist is the next best thing. [ Read More... ]

How to return Critical Mass arrestees' bikes
Lots of people who were arrested yesterday during critical mass were separated from their bikes during their arrests. If you picked up anyone's bike, please contact us at Jail Support, 286-2477. We'll take a description of the bike with where it was found and attempt to get it back with it's owner. Also, if you lost your bike, call us and maybe we've heard where it is. Thanks. [ Newswire post ]

Come to Critical Mass Arraignments Monday, 2:00pm Justice Center Courtroom 4
Arraignments for the arrests from the actions yesterday, friday, 3/29 will be held on Monday, march 31st at 2:00pm at the justice center, 1120 SW 3rd avenue in courtroom four. Help us fill the courtroom with support for the approximately seventeen people who were arrested unjustly. We need to let the arrestees, many of whom will be in all weekend, know that they are not in this alone and that we are in solidarity. They are in there for us, and for the victims of this war, let's all be sure to be there for them. [ Read More... ]

peace camp is looking for donations
the peace camp is looking for cash donations to help keep itself going. the contact for this is todd, who can be reached at 971-570-7018. also people could stop by... [ Read More... ]

Do you know these officers?
So here's a list of officer names that we have so far. If you were arrested M28 and we didn't touch bases with you, feel free to add your arrresting officers name as well if you have it. Also, if you or anyone else you know was roughed up by the cops and you have a name or badge number, PLEASE post it. There was a lot of excessive force used last night, and it's time that these officers are held accountable for their actions. All this information will be forwarded to Belmont Law. They can be reached at 234-2694. [ Read More... ]

this is a callout for support of those who were arrested this weekend--everyone who has been arrested this weekend will be arraigned at the same time: monday, 2pm, courtroom 4 at the justice center. this is a callout for people to physically show up to this arraignment. let these people know that we support them! so far we are looking at around 17 arrests between friday night and saturday afternoon.
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Assault across from City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
I was struck by a man wearing a yellow jacket. Police refused to arrest him. He was accompanied by two other men, one of which spit on me and my companions. Please contact me if you saw this.
[ Identifying photo ]

Request for Info: Alleged Violent Arrest at SW 4th & Jefferson, Evening of March 28
What was alleged -- and several others in the crowd stated that they had witnessed it as well -- was an arrest of a woman which involved the breaking of teeth and being dragged by the hair. What I'm seeking is anyone with information relating to this alleged incident.
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Videos or eyewitness accounts of arrests are needed badly.
Many of the people who were arrest on the 28th, and the 29th as well, were taken into custody rather brutally. We are asking that anyone with video footage, still shots, or eyewittness accounts contact us or Belmont Law offices to help out the arrestees. 234-2694
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