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Portland Business Alliance driving city's anti-protester policies; Vera Katz a corporate puppet

From the open publishing newswire: While disabled people are forced onto the streets, then denied access to medication, then excluded from sitting, standing or lying anywhere, Portland Mayor Vera Katz drives the Portland economy towards catastrophe. She is dedicating millions towards supporting her business friends and attempting to deny the Constitutional Rights of her constituents. Is it worth it?

Here is a quick financial analysis of Ms. Katz's speech repression policy. At a reported cost of $200,000 per day, the city has not only worn out the police department and left them less prepared in the event of an actual crisis, but racked up a bill of around $1,800,000 after nine days, during an allegedly acute budget situation. With around 160 arrests made, not counting Friday night that comes out to $11,250 per arrest. This does not include the additional costs of prosecuting mostly minor and/or fabricated crimes in an already overburdened court system. [ Read More... ]

Portland Business Alliance Executive Kim Kimbrough apparently thinks that people driving motor vehicles have more rights than people riding bicycles, and that shoppers and diners would rather come to a downtown business district under a state of police siege, rather than to a downtown where free speech is tolerated. Katz and Kroeker agree.

For those of you who don't know, Kim Kimbrough is the hired gun heading up the Portland Business Alliance that recently got City Council to back down on the Anti-War Resolution, made all the noise about the sit-lie ordinance, and tried to get more cars and parking spaces on the bus mall. Now he's whining that people peacefully expressing their opinion about how our government is misbehaving in the Middle East are hurting downtown business. He's sort of Portland's own bush-league version of the lying, thieving corporate creeps in DC. Vera's been kissing his pimply butt a lot lately... [ Read More... ]