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To all policemen and women, members of the working class, suv owners, anarchists

From the open publishing newswire: When a child has been "bad" and their behavior improves in the eyes of their parents are they rewarded or found easier to oppress? It seems that the children of Portland have abusive parents who encourage violence by displaying it in the corporate media, convincing the public that we are crazed anarchist who have come to ruin their lives. This is not so.

To all policemen and women,corporate media, members of the working class, suv owners, those who support war, whose who want peace, those who support the troops: All of you have families...and I assume a majority have children...think of the times that you experienced a deep love for your child and how proud you are of them as they grow.

Now look at the children in the street, you instilled morals of love and peace in us and we may display that differently than you but our protests are not directed at hurting you. If we block traffic for a few hours (the traffic is mainly blocked by the police which the media tends to forget) you may be a bit late for American Idol but time is such a small price for life...

I feel that by excercising my freedom of speech, and my right to assembly that I am an AMERICAN...yes, me, the teenage girl clad in black, that I am excercising my rights, making me "more American" that the biggest truck with the largest flag. [ Read More... ]