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The Corporate Media is Violence, because it is Money

From the open publishing newswire: This is an excerpt from the brillian work "Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences" by William Meyers. I've noticed that some individuals posting here seem bothered by hostility towards the media. I disagree with these defenders of the media. Read this excerpt and understand why.
One common argument against more militant forms of protest and action is that these will alienate the media and the general public, "upon whose support the ultimate success of our campaign depends." While this argument is used in many contexts for many political purposes, it is especially used by Nonviolence propagandists to maintain their control of the acts of political (and environmentalist) groups.

Again, a little critical thinking will reveal that Nonviolence, by refusing to look at reality or meaningfully address grey areas, sets its hand firmly in league with Violence. The usual argument is that any violence or destruction of public property will result in negative coverage by the Press, and a negative reaction from Middle Class Americans, who vote in elections and secretly subscribe to the Jainest political principle of Nonviolence.

When you hear people make this argument, you know that their brains have been thoroughly washed. [ Read More... ]