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Arrests downtown at radical feeder march and Critical Mass; Urgent help needed for jail support

A radical feeder march in the North Park Blocks was addressed by MOVE veteran Mario Africa of Philadelphia before heading out to join the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition's regular Friday march at 5pm on Friday.

A massive police presence was seen throughout downtown Portland, with cops on foot, in cars, on bikes and motorcycles, and on horseback. Within moments of the beginning of the march south from the Park Blocks, officers cornered a young woman in a crosswalk on Broadway near Burnside. It was unclear whether she was arrested or cited.

Portland police closely watched and cordoned the radical march, which kept to the sidewalks. Police blocked access to crosswalks in an attempt to split the march into smaller groups. When asked by marchers why the police were blocking the crosswalk after part of the march had gone through, one bike officer was heard saying, "We are preempting the crossing signal." [ Read More... ]

This was a fine night of demonstration, despite police aggression and abuse.
Fun had by all tonight (excepting maybe the folks who were abused by the Portland Police). A solid rejection of recent police intimidation campaigns was evident tonight, judging by the number of spirited participants that turned out to voice powerful dissent with respect to current public policy. A crowd appeared as diverse as any in recent actions, culminated in a boisterous sea of liberty this evening, and it was not without waves. [ Read More... ]

[ Photos from Critical Mass | Photo of Mario Africa Addressing Marchers at North Park Blocks ]

Reports from the streets, as action took place>
Arrest at 10th & Burnside
6:30pm: just got a report of an arrest at 10/burnside. a bicyclist was pulled off of bicycle in right lane, reportedly obeying all traffic laws. arresting srg is rothwell, and a dot number of one of motorcycles is 1813. arrestee was also searched without consent. [ Newswire post ]

Radical feeder march arrest
6:55pm: a woman was arrested around 5:30 from the radical feeder march. she was evidently roughed up a bit by the arresting officers. [ Newswire post ]

Cops f'ing with Critical Mass from get-go

Yay! 2 1/2 bridges closed!
8:34pm: A report just in from the streets: A person was going downtown to deliver blankets and sleeping bags to the peace camp, and first went to the Hawthorne Bridge to cross the river. The driver said it was closed by police, though there was no sight of protestors. The driver then went to the Morrison Bridge. It was also closed by police, and again, no obvious reason why. The driver then went to the Burnside Bridge, which was partly closed, but traffic was getting through so they were able to deliver the blankets and sleeping bags to the peace camp. [ Read More... ]

The police don't have a clue how much more commited we are than they. Their view is that they are protecting the "community from radical thugs and vandals". We know ourselves as PART of the dynamic community of Portland and the world, commited to educating a change in the consumption of resouces and the mass marketing that is desroying our world. We are out to protect ourselves ,our future, our community and our world. The police and the Mayor can only see as far as their own self-hypnotized, bought-and-paid-for, brainwashed little egos can see. They see in us freedom that can not be controlled or scared into compliance to their vision of nice little corporate citizens.
99th Monkey, in a comment
Critical Mass Stories, published post-ride
Critical Mass A-Z
Catching the Critical Mass after the earlier radical march and combined marches, the first thing I saw was a cop shove a rider off the bike and then try to grab him/her. Instead, the person ran (waaay faster than the cops) into a parking structure (great place to hide). A cop watched the front for a moment until his car started beeping or something, then the escapee made off in a distant direction. Then followed a few senseless arrests which totally blocked up dense streets. Dunno why they do this when they claim that they're there to clear the streets. [ Read More... ]

Critical Mass. What a mess. Seriously. The bikes had no chance.
I did some rounds and talked to a few people and then the mass pushed off, we turned west onto Burnside and we were forced into one lane. This is a relatively new tactic here in Portland, I havent been on a ride where we were forced onto one side of the street. The irony here is that the cops were in the other lane and it wasnt like they were helping anyone just giving themsleves better position. The first incident happened two blocks into it. The mass was stopped just up by Powells and because we were large a contingent turned north on 9th and went around that stoppage and came out on the other side to go east on Burnside. [ Read More... ]

In the middle of a critical mass, a girl on a green cruiser got taken down and arrested for no reason, i'd like to help her
This posting is to offer my services as a witness; I'm not even sure what street it was on, and I'm uncertain about the time as well (only that it was still daylight), but I saw a woman unnecessary arrested. I was riding with CM and all I know is that it was before the mass was splinted into oblivion. Anyway, this woman wasn't simply "arrested", she was taken out. I was riding a few feet to the left of a girl with short blondish hair and (I think) a green coat. Honestly the only solid detail is that this girl had a nice old-style, but obviously newer, shiny green cruiser bike. We had just turned down a one way from another one way, and the ever-present moto-cops approached this girl, telling her to stop. [ Read More... ]

Unjust and unwarranted (Critical Mass hasslers)
Last night I was riding my bike around downtown when an officer on a motorcycle ran down a quiet girl behind me, knocked her off her bike, jumped off of his, and proceeded to slam her to the ground and knock out some of her teeth whhen she was begged him to tell her what she had done wrong. Her pleas were drown out when more gestapo roared into the frey with their spray and their "MWA MWA" Electric Fearhorns pounding "No more liberty in this town fuckers!!! We've had enough of your freedom of expression so get the fuck down! Get off the street! Now get off the sidewalk! Now get the fuck down because you're under arrest!" And all on the steps of the courthouse and all on the courthouse camera. Do you think they'll ever release that tape to their loving public? [ Read More... ]

just released-critical mass
I was arrested at 7PM friday during critical mass on the corner of Broadway and Couch(???). I am looking for information about my bike and any witness of my arrest.
[ Full Report... ]

Compiling CM stories for KBOO - help needed
A lot happened on the ride last night. Here's what I observed and head about from others...
[ Read More... ]

Urgent help needed with jail support!
many people have been/are being arrested downtown tonight at marches and critical mass. we will need help from anybody willing to pick people up from jail upon release later tonight (we hope). also, there is currently a need for people to pick up severe pepper spray victims from the 5th and morrison area downtown. (7:25pm)please support those on the streets!!! call the number below if you are available to help out. [ Newswire post ]

jail support and ride line: 503-286-2477

update from jail support for todays actions
jail support for todays actions has started receiving calls from people who have been arrested earlier. so far we know of approximately nine men and approximately six women being held at the justice center. it looks like those who are unable to post bail over the weekend will be held until monday. we have received reports that some arrestees will be arraigned monday at 2:00, at least one we know to be in room 4, though which building it is in was not given. We will post more information here as it is made available... [ Read More... ]

Critical mass tickets
This is more a call for information than an autonomous story. i was looking for help in determining the best way to deal with a critical mass ticket. it looked as though there were huge numbers of bikers being ticketed in the first fifteen/twenty minutes and i'm sure many of them would like to know what recourse is available without taking the time of the protest lawyers and other sources that can help with the ones that found themselves in the backs of police cars. [ Read More... ]