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pdx indymedia video showing at Clinton Street Theater a stunning success

From the open publishing newswire: Damn! The show sold out and about 50 people were turned away! I figured a lot of people would come out because video from the 3/20 Day of War protest was going to be shown, but I wasn't expecting a line that went all the way down the block and around the corner at 25th.

It was quite a scene. Fox News was there (though I don't know why -- were they expecting a bunch of people in masks or something?). People were flyering the line, collecting signatures on a Bush Impeachment petition, and announcing protests and events up near the box office. The new issue of Blackthorn, hot off the presses only hours before, was also distributed, and it looks great! Those kids do awesome work.

The first selection, about M20, was about a half hour long and the crowd loved it, cheering many times throughout. Put together from footage by 9 different video activists, it showed a lot of stuff that was never broadcast on the corporate media, because the corporate media didn't have enough cameras in enough places. This video showed that indepedent activists can do a better job of covering a story than the corporate folks because when it comes down to it, there's more of us than them, and in a very real sense we have more resources than they do! So that was very encouraging. [ Read More... ]

Monday, 3/31 @ 7:00 - It's a Beautiful Pizza
Wednesday, 4/2 -- at a new place on Alberta; details still being worked out
Friday, 4/11 @ 8:00 -- Reed College
Wednesday, 4/23 @ 8:00 -- Lewis and Clark