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Report-back from the M20 arrestee support and political action forum

From the open publishing newswire: The arrestee support and political action forum at the Lucky Lab, Thursday Night March 28th hosted a rotating crowd of approximately 75 persons most of whom were detained and accused of various 'crimes' while practicing their constitutional right to free speech. The Belmont Legal support team (this is wrong but someone will correct the name) was on hand to provide information in support to accused individuals as they ponder various courses of action to protect their rights and also, in the preponderance of cases, as they continue to voice their dissent through the legal system into which they have been thrust.

Methodology was a huge question and a wide variety of options intended to protect individual rights were proffered. The general atmosphere of the room as the discussion progressed, primarily a question and answer session, was relaxed, cooperative, supportive, and intent to continue this movement of social change. Many came with friends while many came individually to find support among friends who share their convictions. [ Read More... ]