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Message to the anti-war movement from Black Cross Health Collective

From the open publishing newswire: Thank you for being in the streets every day here in Portland. We, as first aid people and medics, will try to maintain our presence with you. You are acting as responsible citizens of the world.

We want to say a few things that we think are important. And we are speaking as Black Cross, not as individuals, and not for every street medic or first aid collective.

In the last week we have received many thanks via our website and in person for treating people. While we appreciate those sentiments, it is necessary to say that most of the medics treating people are not part of Black Cross Health Collective. We have been thanked for actions that we know members of MASHH (Medicine for Activists Seeking Health and Healing) collective, CHE (Cascadia Health Educators) and other affinity groups or individuals were responsible for. [ Read More... ]