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An Alternative Type Of Protest

From the open publishing newswire: Just a little fun the midnite cardboys had tonite Well its done. We blanketed the upper south east side with anti-war protest signs. Over 100 different signs with messages from "stop the war", "No blood for oil" "Bush is a terrorist" etc. The midnite cardboys encourage all who read this to come up with their own unique forms of protest. Be creative and please tell us all about it. [ Read More... ]

The Bush Doctrine: PDX NAZI Laboratory for NEW USA Order

Gleichschal-tung - Ominous word used to describe how Nazi's took over key public institutions and media during 1933-1939. Gleichschaltung is the German word for consolidation. The Nazi regime used the word for a system of total control and coordination of all aspects of society. The government's desire for total control impelled it to be the only influence on society. This required the elimination of any other form of influence and/or opposition to Nazism. The period from 1933 to around 1937 was characterized by the systematic elimination of organizations that could influence people, such as unions and political parties. Organizations that could not be eliminated, such as the schools, were brought under direct control. The influence of the churches was also assailed. The government assumed direct control of all economic activity as well. Oppose Bush National Socialism [ Nazism ]. Stop WWIII. Oregonians Must SPEAK UP [ Stop the Bush Holocaust ]