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Local Minister out of Jail

From the open publishing newswire: I was arrested on Belmont and 32nd at around 4:30 for failing to produce my ID to a police officer. The actual charge was "interfering with a peace officer." I had not jaywalked or committed any crime. I was arrested within five minutes of arriving at the excedingly calm and peaceful protest. I was released on bail at approx. 12:30. Be careful out there. But now it is late, so more information will come later. Thank you for all of your support. [ Blessings to you all... ]

Police State crosses the river: Unitarian minister arrested on SE Belmont peace march

peaceful protest in s.e. (escorted by 20 cops on bikes, at least 5 unmarked cars, one load 'o riot cops and a partridge in a pear tree....)got about 4 blocks before the 1st arrest. the intern minister of the unitarian church was stopped by the police for "jaywalking" and he refused to supply the police with i.d. so he was arrested for interfering w/ an officer. Some of you may have seen him Tues., he was wearing his ministerial gown at the rally. He has been active in most of the protests since Thurs. and has become a familiar face to pdx's finest. show your support in any way you can! peace. [ Read More... ]

belmont protesters stick to sidewalk, at least 1 arrest so far

a group of about 30 protesters was flanked with approx. 30 bike cops, 10 motorcycle cops, one suv of riot gear cops hangin off the side, at least 4 cop cars and several undercover police vehicles. the small group left and walked along belmont flanked by bicycle cops, and one man, a minister at a unitarian church, was arrested for failing to give his ID to a police officer.

most of the cops were not wearing name tags and nearly all of them refused to give their names or badge numbers when asked by the crowd.

we're living in a police state. [ Read More... ]

Photos and report of the first belmont peace demo

Belmont area residents took to the sidewalks today in order to protest the illegal terrorist acts being perpetrated by "Little Bush" against innocent civilians in Iraq. The support from passers by and motorists was overwhelmingly in support of the protest. The reaction from Portland Police Bureau was simply overwhelming!

My estimate based on photos (and I am not using some Oregonian counting method) would be that there were 50 or so protestors and up to 70 cops ... 20-30 on bikes, 10 or so on motorcycles, 20 in cruisers and at least 10 in robocop garb on the running boards. [ More Belmont Pix and Report ]

[ Thursday Belmont/Hawthorne march photos ]