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American Hero Chains Himself to Military Recruiting Center

From the open publishing newswire: Shortly after 8 o'clock Thursday morning, an unidentified antiwar activist locked himself to the front of the US military recruiting center at 1317 NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

Arriving just before the center was scheduled to open, the man used fifty pounds of chains to lock himself down in silent, peaceful protest against the US war on Iraq. The chains extended from the man's body to both doors of the recruiting center, preventing them from being opened. [ Read More... ]

Earlier story, as reported by KBOO
At the Recruiting Station on NE Broadway, Trout has called into KBOO at 8 am thursday 3/27 to report his own non-violent action in opposition to the war in Iraq. He has a u lock around his neck and is chained the doors to the Recruiting Center at NE 13th and Broadway, 1317 NE Broadway. He will stay locked down until he is arrested. Doors are normally opened at this recruiting station at 9 a.m.
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