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Willamette Week story off mark; Corporate media were inciters of violence, not protesters

From the open publishing newswire: Long time activists are used to insensitivity and dishonesty from the corporate media. However, we are beginning to see a new tactic in the corporate lie arsenal. At 7pm on March 20, a knot of about half dozen gortex-clad "reporters" in bright yellow or blue jackets approached a handful of peace protesters on Burnside Street near 2nd, who had been tasked with halting the war machine before it could kill again in it's self-stated goal to "rule the world."

Confrontations between corporate media and Portland activists go back decades, but activists, "reporters" and bystanders were about to witness something new. The small group of "reporters" had prepared for this moment: knowing that activists are onto their lies and are no longer willing to be used and abused in the media to gain ratings and support inaccurate stereotypes, the "reporters" contracted hired thugs to assault and harass anyone who stood in their way.

...[I]nstead of halting at simple lies, the "reporters" gathered together and surged into the crowd, where they had been asked not to film. They became hostile and angry, and began shoving their way into people's faces anyway. When people attempted to block access of their intrusive lenses, brown-shirted thugs bolted into the crowd with the ferocity of trained attack dogs and began assaulting people.

While news helicopters circled overhead, the crowd frantically tried to fend off the battering bull dogs. [ Read More... ]

Willamette Week Article Lame
What's up with the exploitation style cover on the current Willamette Week? Why is it that neither Willy Week nor the Mercury can write articles on "Little Beirut" protestors without 'cartoonizing' them? How many articles can be written from the point of view that protestors should always expect to be cannon fodder? Can there be any articles written in these so called legitimate papers that actually question police violence? A friend noticed that Willy Week articles put down protestors when they get 'violent' and then put them down when they don't make a 'ruckus' - so what are they supposed to do? [ Read More... ]

See also: [ Willamette Week's Nick Budnick should be charged with reckless endangerment ]

WW lies and gross misrepresentations
Nick Buttlick is a corporate shill. He may think that he is honest, but he is not. He is either lying on purpose, or is himself deluded. I was not on the bridge and did not see whether people pushed against the police with the banner or not. It looks like they did in the photo. However, this does not in anyway explain the constant bias against protestors, the almost complete lack of examination of abusive and sadistic police violence (of which I personally witnessed ALOT), and the characterization of an indymedia reporter pushing a media person when I saw over and over the corporate media and their hired thugs pushing, striking and yelling at protestors and the only thing I saw protestors do is yell.

If nothing else, this illustrates the superiority of the indymedia model to corporate media. [ Read more... ]