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Anarchist Carpentry Collective

From the open publishing newswire: Are you interested in carpentry? Do ya Feel the need to personalize your politics? Then check this out! We're startin a capentry collective. We're gonna use dumpstered, recycled, and sustainably produced materials- to craft works that are beutiful, simple, and strong. We'll focus on using our work to empower folks to revolutionary self sufficiency- from the inside out. I've got a double car garage dedicated to this- a compound miter saw, a skill saw, a cordless drill- and some plans to build work tables/cabnets out of recylced wood and solid core doors.

Some thought's on projects: It'd be great to do stuff like build structures for dignity village- also a while back I heard that the emigrant workers that stand on a corners for work would like to find a space and build a workers hall or somthin. Maybee some labor folks would like ta help or somthin? I think we could start out building simple projects like planters and do donation/work trade for them. [ Check it out yo! ]