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Peace Camp update: Homeland Security leaves it be for now; Community support still requested

From the open publishing newswire: I went downtown today for the anti-war protest and was generally pleased with the turn-out and spirit. Someone else has already written about the police and the pepperspray well here, so I won't go into it again. (By the way, when I've gotten home from actions the last couple days, there's already been lots of news about it here on IndyMedia. It's great!) While we were in that park across from the "Justice" Center, I looked over to Terry Shrunk Plaza and saw the tents of the Peace Camp there. I remember a post I'd read here earlier where they said Homeland Security wanted to kick them out so I was really happy to see that hadn't happened. I went up and talked to them to see how it was going.

And it's going well! Last night (Friday) there were four tents, but tonight there will be at least nine! Some are standard buy-'em-at-Sears tents, and some are tarps staked up. Anti-Bush signs also dotted the landscape. Several college-aged looking kids were hanging out, and one of them was being interviewed on video by someone from The Rearguard, PSU's lefty paper. [ Read More... ]

Word from the Peace Camp Kids:
Well we need your support at the adress above. Bring youyr camping gear and make it a party. There are about 20 camping out there. But we would like tons of people to come. Any time!! Also if you know of any big protest i would love to know abot them. [ Newswire Post ]