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media criticism week of bombing

Cover up at Channel 12?

From the open publishing newswire: Channel 12 photographer thrown to the ground and arrested last night. The police accused him of grabbing them and trying to steal their bike. The reporter present said he was running behind and saw no such thing. The early live report was very supportive of the demonstration, and very critical of the police violence. By the 10pm broadcast, the entire story had disappeared! [ Read More... ]

Corporate Media: "not particularly savvy or well informed"
In all of the discussion of the local corporate media, I feel that one important point is missing: there's a reason they work for a shitty local affiliate. They're not particularly savvy or well informed. I wouldn't be surprised if their worldview comes directly from their own consumption of corporate media. In short, they believe this stuff. So what does this mean? It means that, if we keep a properly mistrustful attitude, we can manipulate them to our advantage at times. [ Read More... ]