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actions & protests week of bombing

New and On-Going Portland Actions

Nightly peace vigils @ Bagdad on Hawthorne
Nightly vigils are going on outside the Bagdad theatre. The time is 7pm - 8pm. Bring candles and dress for the weather. Go represent for peace! Dozens of people have been gathering outside the Bagdad theatre with candles everynight since heavy bombing. As long as we are committing our troops to war and killing - vigils will be held.
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Protest on Belmont
From the open publishing newswire: We have all been doing a great job! Now, who is interested in beginning a weekly protest on Belmont Street? I suggest that we begin next week, I will initially propose it for Thursday at 4PM, meeting in front of Stumptown Cafe. That's Thursday the 27th @ 4PM. As for what we can do, I suggest either a die in right there at the intersection, or just a March up or down Belmont Street. I think this will be sucessful because we will pick up many protesters from the Belmont area. I will not plan on being there unless I receive a large enough number of e mails, or comments. In any case, if anyone can bring a bullhorn, or instruments, or drums, please state that in the comments or emails. Kindly waiting a response.
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