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Olympia Actions: Bridge Takeover, round-the-clock peace camp, and marches

From the open publishing newswire: Here is a brief recap of brief of the actions events that took place in Olympia this week. Some of this material was taken from posts put up on the Seattle IMC earlier this week. There is a Memorial service going on at The Evergreen State College today (started at 3pm) for Rachel Corrie. Hundreds of people are expected to attend. Tomorrow there is a 7 mile march, from leaving the college at 1pm, and making will make its way downtown to the Capitol starting at 1 pm at Red Square. A critical mass, bike ride is planned plans to leave the Olympia Transit center around 8am Monday morning, to in order to continue take the actions from this past week of war and mourning and move them into the next.

Bridge Action: Thursday morning between 9am and 10 am, six people locked down on the 4th avenue bridge, successfully disrupting traffic between the downtown and the Westside areas of Olympia for approximately 45 minutes by blocking the main arteryon the main bridge connecting the two. The cops tried using force to rip apart the protesters, with while the screams of about 40 supporters in filled the background. They officers then cut the lock boxes off with cut-off discs(?), and arrested the six protesters. Two additional people were arrested arrests occurred within the vicinity of the action,, possibly while performing support roles. The bridge was blocked for approximately 45 minutes.

Peace Encampment: A "Peace Camp," later named Camp Rachel (after murdered Olympia native and activist Rachel Corrie), started on the Capitol lawn Tuesday night and persisted with and without a permits thru Friday afternoon. The camp started with the autonomous action of five people on Tuesday 5p.m., grew to 40 by midnight that night. Organizers estimated 300 were present Friday during the day. The space was used as a gathering space, a living space, a location on a major roadway to show solidarity, and a location from where peace activists could easily lobby legislators during the day. Early Friday morning Camp Rachel found itself infested with cops who informed them that a new "law" had been passed and the camp needed to break down all its structures. This was a lie. Organizers later found, through the support of State Senator Kline, that the law only banned camping (as in sleeping) and closed tents. Organizers plan to resurrect the Peace Camp as soon as possible.
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