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imperialism & war week of bombing

Portland: Nonviolent protesters harrassed by police; At least three arrested

Today's march and rally- one of many this week- was angry and upset. People took to the square and the sidewalks to voice their views once again. Tempers ranged from stunned and confused to downright furious. Many slogans and chats were shouted and the cold concrete walls reverberated with the sounds of the people. A large peace sign was formed by protesters in the square, and then a large group of people started marching around the square. Police were present in large numbers. I spotted Officer Meyers and his gumshoes collecting intelligence throughout the entire occupation of Pioneer Square.

At this point, the larger part of the rally Marched away from the square and through downtown for awhile. During this march, the police were blocking traffic and following along with the march. Aside from the police riding along the side of the march, storm troopers and Officer Marty Rowley (Badge #8969) were lurking on side streets staying out of sight.

After the march went through Saturday market, it was confronted by a group of around 15-20 angry young men at the waterfront. [ Read More... ]

Reports from the street:
5:55p Police pepperspraying @SW 3rd and Yamhill - Morrison bridge now closed.
two arrests so far downtown - about an hour ago a man was arrested for standing on the corner of the sidewalk with his bike. now, at 2nd and alder someone stepped out into the street and was tackled. there have been riots cops all over the place this whole time, and vehicles from salem have been brought up.
police arrest disabled young woman despite mothers crys - 1st and yamhill, the crowd is still marching on the sidewalk and the cops who are there in massive force have arrested a young woman with a speech impediment for about the same thing as they arresting everyone else with - basically nothing. the mother was present and the police refused to release the woman into her mother's custody, but did tell the mother where her daughter was being taken, apparently.
UPDATE FROM THE STREETS 8:04pm Sat. night - 100 - 150 still going strong! bee cops have been very liberal with arrests for JAYWALKING if anyone so much as sets a foot in the street against the light. motorcycle cops following the march on the sidewalks. bee cops surroundingf on the perimeter of P square.
update from the streets 8:22pm sat. night - 30 people boarded the MAX train, now called PEACE TRAIN and headed for lloyd center. they were met by 3 police cars. they all got off and are now en-route back downtown.

War Protest in Portland [ Palestine ] March 22, 2003
From the open publishing newswire: Observations of the March 22, 2003 in Portland, Oregon Folks looked pretty bored in the few tents at the federal building. There were more rush-limbaugh types waving flags at pioneer square than protestoers. The feds program of 'fear' is working against those opposed to the war. The Hilton Hotel had 100's of cops coming going, I went inside and saw that it was donut central, they have a huge command&control center setup. The ANTI-WAR movement should be on this block since the cops have the protester's under control, its time the protestors siege the cop-shop, or should I say donut shop...

There are less than a 1 cop per 1,000 in PDX baby sitting the citizenry. These cops operate under the AUSCHWITZ principle that it only takes a few to contain the many, under fear, and terrorism. The ESSENCE OF USA government has ALWAYS been Beating, Killing, and Imprisonment. While the CITYofPDX may be Beriut/Lebanon the VANCOUVER/BEAVERTON is home of the COPS, e.g. the GESTAPO. This is where the MEDIA-ANTI-WAR should be fought. The COPS want nothing more than to contain PROTESTORS in a little area, where they can be managed, photographed, and have their personal lives destroyed [ this is what THEY did in 1991 to protestors ]. [ Newswire Article ]