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imperialism & war week of bombing


On Saturday, M22, citizens of Eugene once more took to the streets to express outrage and saddness at the illicit Bush regime decision to go to war. A march from the University of Oregon preceeded a 12AM U.S. Federal Building rally drew between 500 -- 1000 anti-war protestors, plus 7 pro-war demonstrators (the Eugene Register Guard newspaper tomorrow will no doubt focus on interviews of the pro-war side, although to interview all 7 of them they would have to re-interview one who was a repeater from Thursday, March 20).

The arrival of "shock and awe" bombing, as well as the corporate media's coverage of the war, a virtual lock-step cheerleading for the 1000 missle Blitzkeig, with heavily censored anti-war news, in particular arroused anger. But also, many protestors interviewed expressed overwhelming sadness. Others, including Black Block demonstrators, discussed the need to find creative and continuing opposition to the war. Many noted the total censorship of dead and mutilated bodies on the video game "newshows", and the lack of photos of destroyed residential areas in media reports.
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