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political theory m20: day x

Protest is Proof of Effectiveness of Radical Approach

From the open publishing newswire: After hearing tireless complaints from liberals about radicals and direct action, after hearing insistent pleas that protests must be law abiding, after all the perjoratives about radicals, anarchists, etc, how fucking wonderful it is to see how effective direct action really is!

Portland, you've changed history.

To the liberals, peace be with you. Tonight's protests were almost entirely peaceful. If we could get the attention of the media and majority through legal protests, then that's what we should do. If we could change the government through the legal means that are supposed to be available to us, then that's what we should do.

But, we need to face the facts. We are enemies of the very system that we hope we will change. Our government is not a true democracy as few people participate in or acknowledge the responsibilities of self-governance. Our legal system is classist (lawyers cost money; bail costs money; whites are typically handed less severe sentences for the same crimes as non-whites; money promotes legislators into election). The people who flair 'freedom' and 'liberty' as American rationales for war and consensus are, very unfortunately, products of the mind-numbing, consent manufacturing machine of the corporate system. [ Read More... ]

Are you serious about the revolution?
We really need to think about creating parallel institutions to replace the essential functions provided by the government... The establishment has bitten off more than they can chew. The combination of an anti-tax attitude (thanks to right-wing talk radio) and an increased terrorist threat due to the war has created police forces whose numbers are thinned due to budget cuts and distraceed by anti-terrorism partols to the point where they are unable to control the streets if we show up in sufficient numbers.

That's good, but it also means that martial law is a very real likelihood. How do we deal with that? [ Full story ]

We Can't Stop Now
The question is though, what's next? It is obvious to me that this rally/march was so successful because of its unplanned nature. Without permits, cops don't know where we are going next. Because the march broke up into multiple 1000+ people groups, they were scrambling all over the city to protect several targets at a time. This is what we need. I highly encourage everyone to continue this disruption of the evil capitalist system, because we don't need permits, or even a designated rally. [ Read more... ]

dialogue needed on new tactics
We need to think together about what is most effective in shutting down Portland, if that is our desired action. I have some ideas for more effectively shutting down Portland, but I also want to call a brainstorming session. We need some dialogue on this!

my ideas:
More affinity groups, spread out across the city. Don't argue with the Police, leave immediately on to the next intersection you choose to block. The idea is to keep the Police running around. Some groups will in the end succeed in stopping things long enough. [ Read More... ]

What does the phrase "Diversity of Tactics" mean?
Does the idea of a diversity of tactics mean that every protest must include civil disobedience and disruption, or is mutual respect and solidarity built on respecting the chosen tactics at various events? [ Read More... ]

Suggestions offered
Hello all. Thanks to all who came to the protest on Thursday. I am a lowly supporter, but I appreciate all of you who take to the streets when I cannot. I had some suggestions for future protests which I would like to get some reactions to. I agree that stopping traffic is an effective way to get our message across, but I think that simply lying down in the middle of streets is not the most efficient way to do this. [ Read More... ]