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PPRC march swells and marches from Pioneer Square: Kops Close Morrison Bridge and pepperspray activists

According to the call-ins today from downtown, it seems that tonite's PPRC march was around a thousand people, and that it ended up coming back to Pioneer Square. A little after 7 o'clock the march left the square, started winding around every which way and ended up going the wrong way up Broadway. The cops seemed to be trying to mobilize to stop it, and they just kept bringing more and more cops as the crowd played cat and mouse with them and sat down in the intersection of SW 4th and Stark.

At this point more cops closed in, horse cops, bike cops, robocops, "every kind of cop imaginable"...The ice cream truck was brought out to send messages to disperse to the crowd, pepperspray began to fly and people started to be arrested.

Eventually, around 8 o'clock or so, the Morrison Bridge was shut down by kops and the entire area west of the bridge was filled with kops and vehicles horses bikes and motorcycles, "every kind of kop imaginable", closing many streets... The situation seemed to have deescelated by around quarter after 8. Not sure how many have been arrested. [ Newswire post ]

Eye-witness reports from the street:
5:40 so the PPRC rally happening right now is being flanked by bike cops and they are containing people to the sidewalk. one report is that they have illegally searched a person already.
6:48 Seems peaceful so far... some folks passing around the bullhorn and "not a huge amount of cops visible in the immediate area".
7:07 It's around 7 o'clock and the crowd of a few hundred has left the square and is heading down Morrison toward the waterfront, accompanied by lots of riot cops
7:17 The PPRC march of around a thousand ended up at Pioneer Square and has now left the square and has been winding and twisting all over the place for around 20 blocks.... The cops are trying to mobilize to stop it but so far it's still moving forward and is now headed the wrong way up Broadway!
7:33 The police are closing in, and have boxed everyone in w/ horses. The ice cream truck is out, telling everyone to clear out. Tons of RoboCops. One arrest has been seen by the person calling in, and no pepperspray has been seen by the caller at this point.
7:38 from SW 4th and Washington - Tear Gas is being sprayed, arrests and pepperspray. People have been sitting down at Stark & 4th.
8:05 Kops have shut the Morrison Bridge down. tons of all different kinds are all over the place, closing many blocks downtown. All the folks at SW 4th and Stark who were sitting in the intersection are believed to have been arrested (corporate news coverage seems to confirm this-- face down and cuffed) This caller has seen 10 or so people arrested so far, has not heard bullets fired at all. The situation seems to be deescalating.

[ Pics of today's rally ]