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imperialism & war week of bombing

Let's Keep the Pressure Up! 5pm PPRC Rally Tonight

From the open publishing newswire: Let's keep the pressure up. Let's all show up at the Friday Rally, maybe turn it into a jail solidarity action. Now that the U.S. has begun its "shock and awe" bombing camapaign, we should kkep the pressure up. I know a lot of people don't like the PPRC's style, but this is the only action that is planned that I know of--let's make the most of it. [ Newswire item ]

Upcoming anti-war events: Eugene, Hood River, Monmouth, Salem and Yachats

There are many forms of protest.
Many people are referring to the PPRC march as lame. I realize that it was not action-packed, but can we please try to stay together on this? This is not a time for all of us who are against the war to disagree with each other. Some people pray; others hold vigils; some march on sidewalks; others practice civil disobedience in the streets, on bridges, and in cells. I thank all of these people, as we all have parts to play in this. As someone who has been involved in these different forms of protesting, I would like to remind people that it is all helpful in some way. So thanks to everyone who is doing something publicly - and privately, too, as we need a change in consciousness for this to stop. Let's respect and honor each other as we continue forward. [ Discuss ]

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