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m20: day x

Many protesters who were arrested last night need your support <b>right now</b>

From the open publishing newswire: After being arrested around 2 in the morning on the burnside and 2nd intersection, I was released today at 11:30pm, but that is just my story. Many have stayed longer, such as the critical mass members who also took a beating, and many more are upset and worn out by their arrest. I've been talking to them all night, and one thing is clear: your help is needed! Our friends are still in various jails around the city, and they need rides home as well as rides back to the various precincts tht hold their posessions. [ Read More... ]

Jail support is needed
There are people still in jail down at the justice center. Reports indicate about 20 people still in. Many are john and jane does's and a couple people are in isolation. 7 people were arrested this morning around 7am for blocking a bridge. If anyone can go down to the justice center and assist people coming out, offer food, rides to pick up belongings at other locations etc that would be great. [ Read More... ]