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Mar 17th Rally - Stop Bonneville Power from desecrating sacred Modoc-Pitt land!

From the open publishing newswire: Come Monday's Rally To Protest the Medicine Lake Geothermal Project at Bonneville Power Administration headquarters on Monday March 17 at 1 p.m!

The Medicine Lake Geothermal Project will open up National Forest roadless areas near Mt. Shasta to "green" energy exploration. Portland residents will be using some of the energy produced from this project. Sacred First Nations sites will be desecrated by the project, while recreation opportunities will be limited and large tracts will become off-limits to the public. This project was originally denied, but the Bush administration recently reversed that decision. Calpine corporation is the ENRON-associated entity backing the project, but won't go ahead without the Bonneville Power Administration's final approval. Monday afternoon is the day to tell the BPA how we feel about this project - and having the energy generated from such projects flowing into our homes! The Bonneville Power Administration is now deciding whether to approve the Medicine Lake Geothermal Project. A rally might be just the thing to get them to cancel this project. The Rally will be held at the BPA headquarters at 905 NE 11th near the Lloyd Center at 1 p.m. Monday March 17th. For more information go to www.cascadiasummer.org or call (503) 957-5572, or (503) 2414-4879.
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