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First Hand Account of Monday's Civil Resistance Action

From the open publishing newswire: I was arrested Monday as part of a group of seven people acting to shut down the Portland federal building in an attempt to interrupt the US government's ability to conduct and immoral, illegal and unnecessary war against the people of Iraq. I want to share a little of my experience, in hopes that it will encourage other folks to think about strategic ways to escalate their resistance to the war crimes about to be committed by our government. I engaged in this act of civil resistance because I feel it is my right and my obligation to try and prevent my government from committing war crimes. This action was taken in the context of massive global resistance: folks all over the world are engaged in nonviolent civil resistance--from blocking trains carrying munitions to dismantling air force runways to sitting down in the way of the war crime machinery and refusing to move.

The action I was involved in was pretty simple: seven people entered the federal building, explained to the security guards and any folks in the area that we were there to shut down the building in order to prevent the US government from perpetuating war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity, and that we were about to engage in an act of nonviolent civil resistance. We then linked arms and sat down blocking the metal detector. We stayed there, chanting and singing, while supporters passed out fliers to the public explaining our actions and our demands. After about an hour, federal police pried us apart, arrested us, took us downstairs to a federal booking facility, booked us, and held us until the building closed. We were then released with three federal violations (which is the lowest level of charges--below a misdemeanor).
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