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General Strike Against The War

From the open publishing newswire: Don't go to work on the day the war starts. If you're already there when you first hear about it, walk out.

It looks as though the Bush Administration will not be deterred in their drive for war by the huge, unprecedented rallies and marches held all over the nation and the world. They have total confidence in the military power at their disposal and the sycophantic corporate media. This all reminds me of what Gen Al Haig, Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor, said of the popular anti-nuclear movement of the 1980's:

"Let them march all they want, just so long as they continue to pay their taxes."

Gen Haig was reminding us that the basis of power in capitalist society is economic. It is our own productive capacities that are turned against us. Our sweat and blood built this society, and recreates it every day.

But what if the engine of that machine stopped? Refused to move without a change of direction? The work we do, paid and unpaid, taxable or not, recreates this monstrous machine every day. If we stop, it stops. We have the most powerful tool in the world in our hip pockets, if we dare to use it.

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