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Civilian Weapons Inspectors Blockade Federal Building

well they certainly didn't make it easy to take pictures...

Seven Portland citizens acting as Civilian Weapons Inspectors shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland, Oregon this afternoon in opposition to a war in Iraq. They are blocking the entrance and attempting to shut down the building in order to interrupt the US government's ability to conduct an immoral, illegal, and unnecessary war against the people of Iraq. This civil resistance action is part of an international popular effort against a war in Iraq. People have been blocking trains transporting US military equipment in Italy and the Netherlands, disabling US military planes in Ireland on their way to the Middle East, and blockading the doors of a military recruiting station in San Francisco.

The Nuremberg Tribunal, which convened after World War II, ruled that when a government commits War Crimes, Crimes against Peace, or Crimes against Humanity, citizens are required to end their complicity in those crimes by acting to prevent them. The offices of several military agencies including the Marine Corps and the Defense Contract Management Agency operate in this building and are actively working to build the United States government's war effort. The IRS, which collects taxes that pay for war, is also in this building. "If the U.S. government will not listen as the world boldly declares 'NO WAR IN IRAQ', we as citizens must engage in civil resistance to prevent this illegal, unjust and unnecessary war," said participant Tamara Wallace. [ Read More... ] [ On the Scene | Video! courtesy of Philosopher Seed | Photos | Corporate Media Twists Truth ]

Portland protestors released after blockade of Federal Building

Update as of 5:30pm: All seven protestors who were arrested in downtown Portland, Oregon today have been released. The seven, who attempted to enter the U.S. Federal Building, which houses agencies which are involved in planning the war against the Iraqi people, were arrested and ticketed. The seven anti-war protestors who successfully shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland, Oregon were released shortly after 5 PM today. The seven, who were arrested, held inside the building, given tickets (equivalent to a traffic citation and not subject to a jury trial) had minor bruises during the arrest process, but did not have pepper spray or mace used against them. Statements from the protestors will be released later.
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