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Oregon Indymedia activist arrested in Ashland

From the open publishing newswire: A member of the new Southern Oregon Independent Media (Rogue Indymedia) was arrested in Ashland, Oregon this last week. He was arrested after photographing activists being beaten by Southern Oregon police and sherriff's office. Below is a communication from Wes. Wes Brain is a long-time labor activist and community organizer. He is well known in Ashland and Southern Oregon as well as the Pacific Northwest. Wes has been active in posting Southern Oregon and Northern California stories and information to the Portland Indymedia website. As the truth starts breaking through the corporate media wall of propaganda in Oregon, we will see more harrassment of media activists. It is time or us to work in solidarity before we all lose our rights to speak our truth! The corporate media in many towns and cities of Oregon are owned by one corporation, who until Indymedia, had total control of what would be reported. When hundreds of students and towns people took to the streets during a recent "Books not bombs" protest, the corporate media said little about the action. Nor did they show local police shoving and beating protestors. Rogue IMC media activists including Wes, were there to document police brutality and harrassment. Below is a link to the immerging Southern Oregon IMC (Rogue IMC) and Wes's communication about his arrest.

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