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Bush Will Kill Ancient Sequoias

From the open publishing newswire: The largest trees on the planet, giant sequoias live more than 3,000 years and grow in just 75 groves on the western slopes of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range. Wildlife that frequent the groves and nearby forestlands include some of the rarest and most imperiled creatures in California... But the U.S. Forest Service has released a draft management plan for this unique and precious resource that would resurrect widespread commercial logging in the monument. Among other things, the Forest Service proposal would allow the logging of more than 21.4 million cubic feet of wood (enough to fill over 3,000 logging trucks) every year. Some of this wood would come from large, old trees (up to 30 inches in diameter and more than a hundred years old). Worst of all, the Forest Service would even permit logging the sequoias themselves. [ Read More... ]

The Forest Service must accept public comment on its draft management plan through March 17th.

What to do:
Send a message to the Forest Service before the March 17th comment deadline demanding that the agency abandon the most harmful provisions of its proposed management plan, and adopt a plan that would truly protect the monument.

Use this page to act now!

Bush wants the Alaskan Wilderness too!
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not the only Alaskan wilderness endangered by President Bush's "drain America first" energy plan. Right now, the Bush administration is pushing a scheme to promote oil development in Alaska's Western Arctic, a sprawling land of snow-clad peaks, glacial valleys, rolling tundra meadows, and unsurpassed wildlife populations. [ Read More... ]

Please register your opposition to this destructive plan today by going [here].