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Calls for brewing and carpentry anarchist collectives

From the open publishing newswire: I am starting an Anarchist Brewing Collective. This is an opportunity for people to get together, make beer, and build community. I have all the equipment. If you are interested in gaining a knowlege of home brewing and getting together with friends to make delicious brew that is cheaper than Pabst, give me a call at (503) 471-8340. [ Read More... ]

Some folks want to organize an Anarchist Carpentry Collective This is a call to (A)rt for the media we'll be doin to organize this collective. Here's the lowdown: A number of folks have approached me about the rumor that I'd like ta organize for this collective. At least one person has tentitivly agreed to sponsor it with tools. We've got a good space and some power tools.

THE BASIC IDEA- Start a collective space where people can learn and teach carpentry in a non hierarchical fashion. Explore (A) craftsmanship as a tactic against capitalist industrialism. Take donations for trade of works we craft. Use this to get tools, and to fund yer A.C.T. fund. Work to meet carpentry needs of the Anarchist community. Empower folks to explore Anarchist/DIY ideas. Promote the dual strategy against nations and global industry.

HOW YOU CAN HELP- We need art that expresses the love and craftsmanship we Anarchists are gonna put into our works. Art that expresses the value of mutual aid, and the free thought behind the D.I.Y. carpentry politic yo! Bieng able to express ideas is critical to our success- and art is a powerfull way to do this. Any help ya give would be much appreciated. Call 503-774-9253 or Email us @ mbthink@hotmail.com [ Read More... ]