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OHSU's bioscience guru admits Oregon Opportunity a "delusion"

From the open publishing newswire: OHSU: We're good at torture, so we're gonna stick with it. The tide is turning and the truth is out. OHSU bioscience expert admits the Oregon Opportunity is a "delusion" doomed for failure. According to a Portland Tribune story, Oregon Health & Science University's new biotechnology "czar" -- the man who is counted on to turn the university's bioscience discoveries into an engine of economic development for Oregon -- harbors no illusions. In fact, Dr. William New Jr. bluntly says OHSU officials are suffering from "delusions of national grandeur" in trying to establish Oregon as a major biotechnology research center.

Instead, he says OHSU needs to concentrate on what Oregon is good at, the technology that really gets the goods... "Oregon's focus ought to be electronics, computer hardware and software, wireless -- the technology 'tool kit,'" he said. "Oregon is world-class in electronics. Why would one even think about anything else?" We have some opportunities coming up to educate our legislators and the country. [ Read How... ] History: Oregon Opportunity Plan (OOP[s]) | OHSU on OOP[s]

Call New HLS market makers - Brokerage America

Brokering in blood and broken bones Brokerage America has executed a few trades over the last day as a Market Maker for HLS. The company has been contacted numerous times in an attempt to inform Brokerage America about HLS's history of animal cruelty, sloppy science, and financial failings. A letter and extensive information was faxed to, and received by, CEO Andrew Sycoff and numerous follow up calls were made but not returned ... you know the drill. [ More Info... ] Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Andrew Sycoff, Brokerage America CEO.
  • 212.880.7444
  • 212.682.8833
  • 800.337.4910

ALF rescues chicks "In the early morning hours of February 27, 2003, the ALF liberated 115 chickens from Merial Select Laboratory (10026 Main Street, Berlin, MD, 21811, Phone 410 641-2060, Fax 410 641-0768) In the midst of a snowstorm, we made our way to the animal housing units. Using crowbars and boltcutters, we bypassed the alarmed doors by prying and cutting our way through the window panes and wire mesh. After crawling into several barns, we loaded 115 baby chicks into carriers and brought them to safety. They have been taken to temporary housing to live in a period of isolation to ensure that the possible diseases they have been infected with do not spread to others. Afterwards, they will be moved to permanent homes to live freely. [ Newswire Article ] Photos