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VIDEO FILE: Northwest Portland Peace March

From the open publishing newswire: People the world over are gathering in groups large and small to protest the Bush administration's move to a preemptive war with Iraq. On Saturday, March 1, 2003,about 100 people met at Wallace Park and marched through the local Northwest Portland business district in a high profile statement against the war.

I interviewed four people after the March had returned to the Park. None believe that the administration reasons for war with Iraq are either reasonable or real, and that there is another agenda behind the strident rhetoric and patriotic thumping. An agenda one hears being debunked from all quarters of the planet; an agenda that is truly about control of the petrolem reserves of Iraq, and perhaps a large step towards global empire.

All the people I interviewed spoke eloquently and passionately concerning their beliefs, beliefs that in one case contradicted beliefs held as soon as six months ago. Another, a man whose brother died in the VietNam Conflict, was particularly clear about the methods used by the established order to justify their will to power and convince the public that this path is the only option.
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