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People's Republic of Multnomah? Let's Secede from Oregon, USA

Had Enough? Let's take local control. Why should we be dragged down by the reactionaries who control Oregon and the USA?
Lately there has been a lot of action regarding Portland and Multnomah County passing local taxes to fill some of the void left by the failure of Measure 28. After all, it is argued, Multnomah County voters approved Measure 28.

This would be just a band aid approach to the problem of people in Portland being far more progressive than the rest of the state and the country.

The federal government has actively attempted to override the will of the people who passed laws guaranteeing the rights to assisted suicide and medical marijuana.

Our local taxes are used to disproportianately imprison Portland citizens via Measure 11.

The federal government is actively subverting our rights to free speech and free assembly.

Article 1, Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution enshrines the right of the people to change or abolish the government when it no longer serves the people.

I propose a Multnomah Co. ballot initiative to secede from the state of Oregon and, ipso facto, the USA. The initiative could guarantee direct democracy - not so-called representative democcracy, a pacifist foreign policy, and enumerated individual rights.

Even if the ballot initiative failed, it would generate immense media coverage and public discussion about the role of government in our lives.

What do y'all think?
Lotsa Luck 27.Feb.2003 08:27


Great Idea, but you best have a coupla Nukes, ala North Korea, or Vera Alwen for that matter.

not taht I'm against the idea, but... 27.Feb.2003 09:08

deputy dawg

Without addressing the corruption in local government secession from US and Oregon would be a leap from the frying pan to the fire. Would you really want Vera Katz to wield power over her own nation. Would you want to see the PPD officially become an army. If the secession were accompanied by workers' revolution, I'd be into it, but otherwise it would result in a corporate fiefdom.

Interesting Discussion 27.Feb.2003 12:31


Yes, you would need to be concerned about who would be in control. However, something needs to be done about support for education in this county and city. Our money is being diverted in levels, out of proportion, to the rest of the state. Portland has much more to deal with and gets less in return. This is reminiscent of NYC's situation in which they were paying an unfair burden of taxes to NY state and getting less in return, and in a larger context pays more to GW Bush than they receive. There was attempt to secede and create a 51st state. However, this city needs a bad economic boost, and I understand that it needs to be done in a manner that benefits not only the wealthy. That's why I'm all in favor of an Indian Casino that can pay for baseball (jobs) and education.

OK, some history 28.Feb.2003 02:41

dj tubesteak

Some states already tried this (in the 1860s; maybe you heard about it?), and they had a preexisting majority for it in their populations prior to the act. Even if you could get a decision passed and make something of it, the history of attempts to assert localized autonomy in the United States is more or less exclusively marked by failure, from the Whiskey Rebellion up through the stand taken a few years ago on behalf of the free Republic of Texas. It's a good idea, but the federal system is specifically designed to prevent localities within the U.S. from asserting their own sovereignty. It's a really good concept, (theoretically local sovereignty was the principal foundation of the Continental Congresses and Articles of Confederation; since then it's been slowly scaled back by means of Federalism and then, naturally, the 20th-century attacks on even those protections for local sovereignty that the Constitution left, as illustrated by the fate of California's medical-cannabis initiatives) but success depends on a workable plan to defend autonomy against the forcs of Federalism once it's declared, which no one has as of yet successfully done. Until you can provide tht crucial link in the chain, the most appropriate NW/Cascadia secession program will remain that outlined at www.greenpanthers.org (which also sounds like a really great idea to me, but same objections as above apply.)

my $00.02