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Help send computers to activists in Argentina

Portland's Geek Network For Social Change is working on putting together a shipment of computers for the Argentina Indymedia center and throughout southern South America. This is a follow-up to a shipment of 235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center in November, 2002.
The Argentina Indymedia center is the nexus of communication for the popular movement against neo-liberalism and the IMF. Their website gets over 25,000 page views a day. Yet they only have two computers. This shipment will help indymedia centers in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina as well as other near by IMC's in Chile, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay. They will also be used to support other social movement groups who are on the forefront of the struggle for a better world.

The project needs your help and your money! We need to raise only $400 dollars to buy RAM to finish nearly 50 boxes sitting in the FREE GEEK warehouse. Checks can be made out to Christ the Healer UCC or CtHUCC and be sure to write its for Computers to Argentina in the memo.

Checks can be mailed to:
Christ the Healer
PO Box 219141
Portland, OR 97225

If you have 168 pin RAM sticks, 32 Megs and larger to be donated directly, please contact:

are u building computers? 26.Feb.2003 20:28

pdx rezident

so... i saw 'free geek' doing this a while back for another country earlier this year, i think it was january. this is just an AWSOME IDEA! i really wanted to help, but never did make it down there. are you all going to be building more computers? do u need help? i'd LOVE to get involved if help is needed. i can understand the money situation, and i can try to help on that front also.

i love working on and with computers, and can put one together with my eye's closed =) ... u gonna be doing this with this shipment? a linux install party / build party?